DJI Mavic Air 2 – Drone Quadcopter UAV with 48MP Camera 4K Video 8K Hyperlapse 1/2″ CMOS Sensor 3-Axis Gimbal 34min Flight Time ActiveTrack 3.0 Ocusync 2.0, Gray

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  • UP YOUR GAME : The Mavic Air 2 camera drone takes power and portability to the next level. It combines a powerful camera with intelligent shooting modes for stunning results. Push your imagination to its limits because aerial photography has never been this easy.
  • NEXT-LEVEL CONTENT : Capture impressive 48MP photos with a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor while the 3-axis gimbal provides 4K/60fps video. The secret to incredible HDR video is a high-performance Quad Bayer image sensor. OcuSync 2.0 has a video transmission distance of up to 6.2mi / 10 km and can also deliver 1080p FHD resolution livestream directly from the drone’s camera.
  • IMPROVED FLIGHT : An impressive flight time of up to 34 minutes allows you to pull off epic, fast-paced shots. Obstacle sensing in three directions makes it extra convenient for beginners and improves safety for your Mavic Air 2.
  • APP COMPATIBILITY : The DJI Fly app requires iOS v10.0, Android v6.0, or above. Compatible devices include: iPhone (11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6), iPad Pro (9.7’’), iPad Air 2 (9.7’’), iPad mini 4 (8’’), iPad Pro (10.5’’), iPad Pro 2018 11’’, iPad Pro 12.9’’, Samsung Galaxy (S20, S10+, S10, S9+, S9, S8+, S8, S7 edge, S7, S6, Note10+, Note9, Note8), Huawei (P30 Pro, P30, P20, P10, Mate 30 Pro, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 10, nova 5, nova 4, nova 3e, nova 2, Honor 8X, 10, 9, 20 Pro, Magic 2, Mi 8, MIX 2S, MIX 2, Redmi Note 5, Oppo Find X, R15, Vivo NEX, X27, X21, X20A, OnePlus 7, 6T, 5, Pixel 3 XL, 2 XL, 2, LG V20, LG G6, Sony Xpeial 1.. WHAT YOU GET : Mavic Air 2 Aircraft, Remote Controller, Intelligent Flight Battery, 3x Low-Noise Propellers (Pair), RC Cables (USB Type-C, Lightning, Standard Micro-USB), Control Stick, Gimbal Protector, Battery Charger, Manuals, AC Power Cable, Type-C Cable.. VIDEO CAPTURE RESOLUTION : 4K Hd
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DJI Mavic Air 2

10 reviews for DJI Mavic Air 2 – Drone Quadcopter UAV with 48MP Camera 4K Video 8K Hyperlapse 1/2″ CMOS Sensor 3-Axis Gimbal 34min Flight Time ActiveTrack 3.0 Ocusync 2.0, Gray

  1. C. Hansen (verified owner)

    The Saga of the Drone in a Tree.
    I originally purchased this Drone in August of 2021, this was my very first Drone. I wanted something that had some advanced features to help me as a new flyer and took amazing VideoPhotos. This delivers on all points! Epic Photos and epic video, follow a subject mode, The ultimate FLYING cameraman. I got some flight time in and got a little practice. My backyard is basically a fairy tale forest in western PA, complete with a stream I can watch the animals drink from. So there were no shortage of amazing shots to take or my wife could live stream from it on hikes. To play around flying in my house to get some fine control skills down a bit I turned off the perimeter safety. Then after the battery was charged I went flying farther outside for some epic shots. Forgetting I turned off the perimeter warnings I got too close to a tree and the unthinkable happened. Yeah only careless people get their drones stuck in a tree that could NEVER happen to me right? right…. :(.

    WRONG! I had this amazing piece of technology for all of 1 day and crashed it amazingly good 150 feet up into a tree. I finally located the exact tree with the last vestiges of my battery life with the very useful feature of it beeping and flashing. Which was still difficult through the dense foliage. (note to self invest in a self powered strobe and a bright orange skin or sticker after I retrieve the drone.). The problem with this particular tree is on the civilization side between any route in about 15 ft away from said tree is a power line, the other direction is dense bramble filled forest. This particular tree also doesn’t have any branches lower than 30 ft up, Ruh Roh. I spend about 8 hours for a week straight trying to come up with ideas to knock it down.

    I tried Fish sticks (they are light semi bendy poles used to fish wire through walls if you are unfamiliar.), I tries throwing object at it, (Way too high up.) I researched Climbing gear but decided it was too high a risk of getting hurt. AHA! The perfect plan, buy a mavic Air 1 tie fishing line and a hook around it, hook the stuck Mavic Air 2 and boom, no more stuck Drone. Then sell the extra one. So I did Just that, errr tried just that anyway.

    I amazingly hooked the first drone and the plan was working great, the first was really stuck though so I kicked up the throttle to full speed more with a payload. then…. the hook broken the second drone flipped over and yes you guessed it got stuck in the tree also. So here I am standing in the forest with about $1500 in a tree behind my house. Well that went south fast.

    So after more extensive research I make kind of a primitive pipe slingshot spear gun thing that flings a dowel that has fishing line attached and a fishing reel over the branch, then you tie stronger rope to the fishing line and use the line to pull the stronger rope over the branch, then tie off one and and pull hard back and forth till you can shake it loose. Success getting the Second Mavic air 1 out of the tree and back to safety! At this point I am about 3 weeks in and a lot of time in this forest. 4 more days with the slingshot thing and no luck getting the first one out.

    My wife makes an ultimatum, No more trips into the forest getting the drone while she worries or there will be no more wife. I am very fortunate and have married the woman of my dreams and my soulmate! So as much as it CRUSHED my spirit to do so I agreed because I love her. It is not in my nature to give up but for her I would do anything. The worst part is I can see the drone in the tree in the winter from my mailbox taunting me.

    My friend (under close supervision) let me practice and use his Mavic Air 2 which he loves. I got some great shots and lots of practice. Fast forward to Yesterday, (11-19-22) The drone was not in it’s usual taunting place and the leaves have pretty much just all fallen now. This requires closer investigation. Could it be true did it finally fall from it’s taunting perch? YES IT DID! so this drone has been up there through snow and rain storms quite hot days and everything unprotected for 15 months, on top of that it fell 150 ft to the ground. What kind of shape could it possibly be in? believe it or not AMAZING SHAPE! Except the battery it has discharged so much that the electronics would not allow it to charge anymore, but that was expected. It was a tiny bit scratched up and Dirty, nothing a cleaning couldn’t fix. But does anything in it still work through all that weather?

    Well I borrowed a battery from my friend and shockingly it still works and flies without any issues! I can no longer find my case with the extra propellers or the prop guards I wish I had been using. But hey I still have the rest and it works after all that! I can’t think of any more ringing of an endorsement than surviving 15 months in a tree and then a 150 ft fall. So if you want a great very durable Drone that takes amazing videos and picture I would HIGHLY recommend this one. Just stay clear of Trees while the perimeter warning system is turned off!

  2. Shawn (verified owner)

    My first DJI drone!
    Got it right out of the box today! I was super hyped and just couldn’t wait to get a test flight on my rooftop. I used to play around with my neighbor’s Mavic Air, and guess what now! I got my first DJI drone!! I knew I was going to get my first drone from DJI, but just not sure if I should wait till the Mavic 3 release. But now I felt that Mavic Air 2 is just the perfect one for a newbie but who also wants more professional control over the camera like me. And I have to say that it felt so good flying it! I can’t wait to share some of my experience of my first flight here, so that you guys may decide whether this is the right one for you, and I’ll make sure to update my feedback here after I carried it around for some days.

    Basic Specs:
    Weight: 590g
    Flight Time: 34mins
    Transmission range: Ocusync 2.0/ 10KM
    Camera sensor: 1/2’’ CMOS
    Photo resolution:48MP(8000 * 6000)
    Photo format: JPEG/DNG(RAW)
    Video: 4K up to 60fps/ 2.7K up to 60fps/1080P up to 240fps
    Bitrate: 120Mbps
    Max speed: 42.5mph
    Obstacle avoidance: APAS 3.0
    Intelligent Flight Modes: ActiveTrack 3.0/ POI 3.0/ 8K Hyperlapse

    · The size of Mavic Air 2 is a bit bigger than my palm, and it weighs about 600g, which makes it rather portable and I guess I don’t have to worry much while transportation. So if you are not a professional pilot or photographer, the portability of the drone is quite important as you may need to carry it during travel.
    · Comparing with my neighbor’s Mavic Air, it’s so much quieter while flying the Mavic Air 2. I really don’t like how loud the Mavic Air is, I couldn’t fly it in public places without drawing attention to myself. But with Mavic Air 2, I really don’t have to worry about that as it’s so quiet.
    · The latency of the Mavic Air 2 is about 120ms, while the latency of Mavic Air reaches up to 200ms. While flying the Mavic Air 2, I can feel that the gimbal is quite sensitive, and when I was rotating the sticks, it just felt sooo smooth that will enable you to make quite cinematic drone footage out of it.
    · To be expected, the Ocusync 2.0 is so good. The transmission is stable and clear through my entire flight. And I tried to fly at its maximum speed- 42mph, I can still have great control over the drone, it just felt so solid.
    · The image quality straight out of the camera is amazing. I really like the colors and contrast shot by it.
    Though it’s my first DJI drone, I’m quite impressed how this drone performs. I think Mavic Air 2 is both suitable for new pilots and professional photographer or vloggers. So far I’m completely blown away by it!

    Some Tips:
    · Take some time to take off all the sticker on the fresh new drone.
    · The Mavic Air 2 batteries are set to sleep mode before DJI ships it out. So, it’s better to charge the battery with the battery charger to wake up the battery.
    · Don’t forget to update your firmware to the latest version before your first flight with it.
    ·Don’t forget to remove the gimbal guard while flying, as it may damage the gimbal if you forget to take it off while flying.

  3. juliska vargas (verified owner)

    East to learn how to use
    I like how when it get near an object it reduces speed or stop

  4. Edgardo (verified owner)

    Tecnología a buen precio
    Gran dron a buen precio

  5. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I owe DJI my livelihood
    I owe DJI my livelihood. Seriously, my ROI from their products is like 50k percent or something like that.

    They never disappoint. This is already my fourth drone, third one from DJI. For me, they are the best brand out there. I use the Mavic mini for places that have more restrictions, but mainly use the Mavic Air.

    My first drone was the Skydio R1, which I sold about a year ago. It was my first and biggest mistake, honestly. Too expensive and I never got to use most of the custom coding flight modes and other advanced features in any way.

    But now that I’ve got the Mavic Air 2, I couldn’t be more satisfied.

    In the drone world, 4k is actually a standard but now it shoots at 60 fps too. This allows me to slow down my footage up to 30-40 percent (very ideal for making hyperlapse videos). By the way, you could shoot hyperlapses in 8k with this drone.

    I used this mainly for bird’s eye footage of rural properties. Did you know that this is the only model that allows you to shoot 240 fps at 1080p? It allowed me to play around with slow motion like never before, but coupled with the POI 3.0 feature and Adobe premier, I was able to create very dramatic footage of houses, beach houses, even islands.

    POI 3.0 is essentially a feature that enables the drone to automatically orbit a particular structure or large object (in my case, a house). Really really cool. It helps a lot in enticing online real estate clients.

    What’s even more impressive is that this drone lasts 34 minutes. With the new Ocusy nc 2.0, it allows me to shoot at 10km range, which I actually put to the test while will head to north of Los Angeles to the desert (see the attached screenshot). They’re not lying. I also tested the ActiveTrack feature, which basically made the drone follow us from a bird’s eye point of view while driving 30 miles per hour (not really useful for my real estate footage but it was so much fun that we gave it a spin).

    For me, the weight is perfect, it’s fairly light yet not too light that it blows off, which is actually my biggest issue with the Mavic mini, is that the wind makes the footage a little shaky.

    The Mavic Air 2 is also quite portable. For such a powerhouse, it’s pretty small, just teeny bit bigger than the Mavic Air. And I’m not just talking about the drone but also the other components. This is what I like about DJI. They always try to optimize every part, down to the charges and adapters, everything gets a little smaller. Not only that, but for every new release, they always tweaked just enough that you feel like you’re not stuck in the past. Like they pay attention to every bit of detail. Even the Mavic mini had some improvements over the Mavic Air despite being a more low-end drone. I just love that kind of dedication to a product.

  6. AF (verified owner)

    The best drone for photography and videography in its price range
    I am a cityscape and urban photography hobbyist who wanted to increased my capabilities beyond just the ground. So far, the Mavic Air 2 has both satisfied my needs and introduced me to a new hobby.

    The most important feature to me was the camera. For my photography needs, it turned out to be above adequate but not outstanding. Due to the wide field of view, I planned to use 48MP mode to aggressively crop my photos. In practice, the 48MP images are a bit grainy and blurry when zoomed in, offering only a little improvement over the 12MP modes in terms of detail. Otherwise, image quality is good enough for generally impressive results after post-processing. I did not initially plan to record video on this drone, but after a few test shots, I found the video quality to be great (I use 4k mode) and opens the door for more types of content.

    I am very impressed by the controller and software. The controller looks bulky and blocky, but after using it for a dozen hours, I have no complaints with the ergonomics. Before getting this drone, I was worried about smartphone integration. It seemed like it could potentially be buggier and more prone to problems than a built-in screen. This does not seem to be the case. I use a OnePlus 3 phone which is beginning to show its age and I have, so far, experienced no issues with controller/application integration. The direct livestream to my phone is crisp and has a low latency. The UI is simple, responsive and fairly intuitive.

    Flying the Mavic Air 2 is a breeze. This is my first drone, and I started to feel confident at the controls after the first few flights. The fly-by-wire system feels tight and responsive. As long as there is no occlusion and you have a direct line of sight, the range is impressive. Wind is not an issue. It’s honestly a lot of fun to fly this drone. I have not used the tripod or sport modes just yet, because the standard mode has met all my needs.

    Physically, the drone is fairly compact, especially when folded. It feels sturdy and reliable, and looks pretty sleek. No complaints here.

    I would highly recommend getting the Fly More Combo. I regret not buying the combo because as I plan more and more complex shots, the limited flight time with a single battery has become a concern. Also, carrying it around without a form-fitting bag doesn’t feel right, especially since the camera gimbal looks a bit fragile.

    The Mavic Air 2 seems to be the perfect drone for newcomers and photo/video hobbyists who want something more serious and capable than a Mavic Mini. I would not particularly recommend this drone to someone who dabbles in professional photography, primarily due to the lack of optical zoom and poor 48MP mode performance.

  7. Rusty (verified owner)

    Nice, compact drone
    Having a Phantom previously, I wanted something smaller and more compact (If you have the Phantom hard case, you know what I mean) that I could get some good pics and videos from. While I tried a different one (non-DJI) knowing what the DJI was like previously, I had to send it back. This was just what I was looking for! Very stable in the wind (I need pictures taken over a lake that gets a little breezy) and the pictures and video are very clear, like the Phantom and maybe better. For the price, you would think it would come with one of those $35 cases at least, but I knew it didn’t so I digress. I don’t know that the ‘left stick up/down, right stick forward backward’ directions are the best for a beginner, but for anyone that has at least flown one before, this is a great drone!

  8. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    AMAZING product I’ve been waiting for
    I’ve always been a fan of the Mavic Air. With all the drone models I’ve flown, I think it really takes the cake. It wasn’t too big nor too small and the features and quality were just right. So when the Mavic Air 2 was released a few weeks ago, I was so pumped. I wanted to get my hands on this just so I could see what the new upgrades are.

    And honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. The new model is just ridiculously more powerful than its previous version yet still just as portable.

    The first massive improvement I’ve observed with the new Mavic Air 2 is the transmission. With the previous Mavic air, I was a little bit concerned since it was only using wifi, which almost made me lose my drone a couple of times. The Mavic Air 2, on the other hand, uses Ocusync 2.0, which allows shooting 1080p up to 10km range (over 6 miles)! I have to say that DJI you did it again!

    Then there’s the flight time. It went from about 18 mins to 34 mins which is just super mind-blowing. Having that extra time on-air just makes a huge difference in the experience.

    The camera can shoot 4k video at 60fps. Trust me, once you go 60fps, you’d never wanna go back to 30 ever again. The photo resolution is also a massive leap forward, going from 12mp to 48mp. It’s crazy how DJI was able to package that much to such a small drone.

    And other things I really enjoy about this drone is that it got all the intelliegent features like 8k Hyperlapse, Quickshots, Focus track, etc. I’ve done tons of hyperlapse videos in the last few years, but this was my first time shooting it in 8k.

    It took some getting used to but after playing around with it, I was able to make phenomenally breath-taking footage of the New York skyline.

    PRO TIP: 8k hyperlapses look best if the subject is distant, think skylines or mountains.

    PS: Just shut up and buy. You won’t regret it.

  9. Nick Chabrier (verified owner)

    Expensive and Limited. Research Locations Prior to Buying
    Batteries are expensive for this thing. And if you want to use it for more than half an hour, you’ll need more than 1. Also, they don’t hold their charge long so plan ahead. You’ll have to charge up the night before or have the means to charge on site. Drones like this are limited in a lot of ways I didn’t know about and no one mentioned in the reviews I read. Some of this might seem like common sense, but I didn’t think so at the time.

    Example, in Washington State you cannot fly a drone in a park. Some parks have designated areas for remote controlled devices. Worse, they came up with this rule without the means to request an exception. Though the process is written into the law. And it’s been 2 years without a clear path to ask for access to a park to use your drone.

    Further limitation, if you live within 5 miles of a military base, you’ll be clicking through menus to authorize the drone to fly around your neighborhood. Before you buy, you should consider where you’d like to fly the drone then make sure it’s allowed. I wished I had done that. Because I didn’t, all the locations I wanted to use the drone in are off limits and it just sits in a box since I’m pretty far out from any sort of ‘neutral’ territory.

    Tracking is relegated to humans and cars but it does work pretty well.

    I crashed mine. It was TRASHED. DJI repaired it for less than 200 dollars and they got it back to me in 7 days so that’s some awesome service. Video footage looks great as well. It flies smooth, and is relatively easy to control. I have an iPhone so I don’t encounter any problems, but I’ve heard Android phones have a shorter flight time for whatever reason.

    TLDR: Research the places you want to fly, buy more batteries, and budget in crash protection.

  10. Aleksandre Glonti (verified owner)

    Probably the best drone for its price
    The media could not be loaded.  I fell in love with my new Mavic Air 2 ever since I opened the box. Package is on the level. It easily withstood a flight to another continent.

    Build quality of the drone is remarkable. You feel that you hold something expensive in your hands. The plastic feels so great to touch. Some of my flights were during rain and snow. No problem at all.

    Controller is decent. I only miss a function to disable the input for a while. Like in cases, where drone follows me and the controller is in my bag. Without disabling the inputs, obviously the drone might do something unexpected. Otherwise, it’s 5 stars.

    The range is significantly impacted by concrete obstacles. Instead of advertised 10 km range, it flies 2.5-3 km (1.5-1.8 miles) if obstacles exist. Never went past 5 km so I can’t confirm that it flies 10 k.

    The quality of photos and videos is stunning. Everything is detailed and autofocus works as a charm. Though, I miss manual focus option. Sometimes it’s required for my needs. Otherwise, no complaints whatsoever.

    The gimbal is quick and accurate.

    Lack of side sensors is a bit frustrating. The parallel auto follow mode isn’t advised, if there are obstacles at the altitude of drone.

    I’m happy with everything else. I’d recommend this product to my friends.

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