DJI Osmo Pocket – 3-Axis Gimbal Stabiliser with integrated camera, snaps 12MP photos, 1/2.3-inch sensor, shoot 4K/60fps video at 100 Mbps and 4x slow-motion video at 1080p/120fps

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  • Small in size, large in precision: the Osmo Pocket Version 2 is DJI’s most compact 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, it fits easily in any pocket
  • Photos and Videos: Osmo Pocket can shoot 4K / 60fps videos at 100 Mbps, slow motion videos at 1080p / 120fps 4x, and 12 MP photos with a pixel size of 1.55 μm
  • Attention to detail: the Osmo Pocket enhances every moment of your life. Photographs are full of detail thanks to the 1 / 2.3 inch sensor, the field of vision of 80 ° and the aperture of f / 2.0
  • Quiet cooling: In order to ensure silent operation, the Osmo Pocket has a fanless passive cooling solution
  • Smart camera: With smart functions such as ActiveTrack, Motionlapse and Panorama 3×3, Osmo Pocket unleashes your creativity with impressive effects
Brand DJI
Connectivity technology USB
Flash memory type SDHC, SmartMedia
Colour Osmo Pocket Black
Special feature 4K/60fps, Light and Portable, ActiveTrack, Intelligent Shooting
Screen size 1 Inches
Optical zoom 5 x
Camcorder type Video Camera
Model name Osmo Pocket
Included components Handheld Gimbal Camera

The device must have Android version 7.0 or higher. this application is compatible with these Android devices: HUAWEI P20, HUAWEI P10, HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro, HUAWEI Mate 10, HUAWEI Mate 9 Pro, HUAWEI Mate 9, Honor 10, Honor 9, Vivo NEX, Mi MIX 2S, Mi 8, Mi 6, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 5T, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 2. Product is sourced and shipped from the European Economic Area (EEA). Product is genuine original from manufacturer authorized distributors.

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Product is sourced and shipped from the European Economic Area (EEA). Product is genuine original from manufacturer authorized distributors.

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Osmo Pocket, Osmo Pocket + Care Refresh, Osmo Pocket + Waterproof Case, Prime Combo

10 reviews for DJI Osmo Pocket – 3-Axis Gimbal Stabiliser with integrated camera, snaps 12MP photos, 1/2.3-inch sensor, shoot 4K/60fps video at 100 Mbps and 4x slow-motion video at 1080p/120fps

  1. Linda T. (verified owner)

    Received my package and unfortunately I must of received a faulty one, this company was quick to act and had a refund within a few days, would defo recommend the company, also reordered another one and it is working great.

  2. Mr DC (verified owner)

    A very good camera but a little flawed in its usability.
    First off the quality and footage this camera is capable of is fantastic. It also works better in low light in auto mode than most mid size cameras I’ve used let alone one this small. Overall though, after using it for a few months, I found it a little disappointing as a product.

    It has the capacity to do a lot, but using it can be a frustrating experience and if you want to get the very best footage out of the camera then you have to work at it each and every time, its not a grab it and go camera if you want the ‘cinematic footage’ promised in all the blurb.

    I knew when I bought it that it didn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity built in and that it didn’t have any way to mount it on a tripod. What I didn’t know was that the phone app is much better to use that the cameras menu system and that it allows the camera to do things that it can only do when connected to your phone and the app. If you have a case on your phone then you have to take it off to connect the camera – if only it had built in Wi-Fi.

    I also like to shoot time lapses and found the battery time really quite poor for this, you basically have to plug it into a power source if you want to shoot a time lapse over an hour.

    Using the camera on auto mode it does tend to wash out highlights sometimes, it also can be frustrating when you want to reposition the camera and you have to change modes to do so. Sound recording quality is okay, not great but as good as you’d get with a GoPro.

    I think if they had made this camera so it came with all the things they sell as after market add ons, the wi-fi connectivity, a tripod mount and a wheel/joystick to let you reposition the camera easily built into it then it would have been a much much better product. Even if it made it slightly larger.

    As it is the more I used the camera the more the limitations started to get annoying, that and having a very small camera but having to carry around an extra bag full of accessories for it. Its a good product at its base but it just feels as if it was either rushed to market or not fully thought through.

    Now its coming down in price its perhaps better value and if you just want a good quality, very small, video camera with good stabilisation to shoot short clips on then maybe this is a decent option.

  3. Nick Rouault (verified owner)

    Great B-camera
    The DJI Osmo Pocket is a really good camera and I do recommend it. It can shoot 4K60 and 1080p120 so it is high quality and has the ability to be slowed down in post. It also has its own flat/log profile which is really good for colour grading but the normal colours are good too. The menu is a bit complicated at first and the gimbal works a lot better with your phone attached. I got it with the extendable stick and that is great however I cannot connect it to my phone so I have ordered the wireless connector which will make it a lot better.

    The gimbal works well however there are still so bumps probably because it is so small. It also cannot do the “vortex” feature like most other gimbals can do which is a shame but not the most important feature you need.

    When I brought this I also considered getting a GoPro Hero 7 Black as they are around the same price. But after watching some reviews on each on YouTube I realized the Osmo was the camera for me as I already had a Go Pro Hero 5 Session which could do almost everything the Hero 7 could but the Hero 7 would have been smoother footage.

    The quality is much closer to a DSLR on the Osmo whereas GoPros quality is lost as the lens is so wide. The Osmo Pocket cannot replace the GoPro in anyway though (but the DJI Osmo Action can) as it is too delicate to be used when doing extreme sports. Also both the Osmo and the GoPros have really bad audio quality although you can get a mic jack for both cameras if you want to rig up a better mic.

    The reason I got the Osmo is because it is such a good b-camera to my Canon DSLR and as I am a Film student it is really useful to put in more unusual places without it looking too different to the main camera (a DSLR). The only thing I wish the Osmo could do better is having a shallow depth of field as you cannot get any bokeh like you could with DSLR. My friend did get a gimbal for our DSLRs and that can do the features that to Osmo cannot however you need a DSLR to use it and a good DSLR for video are £500+ and with a gimbal thats around £300/£400 so for the price the DJI Osmo Pocket is an outstanding camera.

  4. Herr Lange (verified owner)

    Perfect for daylight shooting
    This is exactly what i expected it to be: a tiny, extremely versatile and portable handheld gimbal for travel. It’s an engineering marvel, as no manufacturer ever managed to squeeze so much tech in such a small body. The selling point is of course the 3-axis gimbal, which allows you to ditch the phone or MILC gimbal you if you used any. And let’s face it: no IBIS or built-in electronic stabilization will ever come close to a 3-axis gimbal. Many action cams ship with built-in stabilization these days but their performance is abysmal if you put it side by side with a gimbal.

    What’s the trade-off? Due to the small form factor, the Osmo Pocket comes with a tiny sensor, similar to the ones in your phone, so don’t have high expectations regarding image quality. While there’s a PRO mode and you can shoot in DLog, don’t bother: you can’t beath physics. The noise level in low light renders the picture almost useless. Even in perfect lighting conditions, the compression is clearly visible and the level of detail is not that great at all.

    However it would be unfair to rate this device any lower than 4 stars. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else than it is. If you are just shooting your family fun or travel adventures, you won’t find a better deal. Until of course a pro version rolls out with a 1-inch type sensor. But right now there’s no hint it would ever see the light of day.

  5. CE (verified owner)

    Buttery smooth pictures
    I really wanted to give this a 5 star rating. This camera is truly a remarkable bit of technology and will play a huge part in my video recording on travels. The 4K video and 3 axis stabilisation is just amazing. The other day we tried using this along side GoPro Hero 6 and there was just no comparison. I don’t doubt that the newer action cameras have good stabilisation now but i really don’t think you can match a mechanical gimbal like this. The beauty of this is that it also fits in your pocket like an action camera. I use this with the extension rod and its a great accessory for getting different angles and for controlling the camera angles etc.

    So the reason I marked this down a star is because DJI failed to include the wireless functions into the device meaning you have to pay and extortionate amount of money on add-ons which add bulk to your camera and extra things to carry. The scroll wheel accessory is also a lot of money for what it does. The mic adaptor, again should have just been included as part of the device. The camera struggles a bit with low light conditions because of the aperture.
    In summary:-
    – Silky smooth video footage
    – super detailed day video and pictures.
    – the automated panoramic pictures do a good job
    – lightweight and compact

    -Poor in low light
    -Expensive accessories

  6. Gabriella Dobos (verified owner)

    Faulty item has arrived
    The camera itself is worth to buy. But seems like you have to be aware of experiencing unwanted things being stuck behind the lens. I am not sure if it was a fault of the manufacturer or I have received a refurbished item without knowing that.
    Next day I went to Amazon Fresh to confirm the issue with a customer service assistant in person. They have accepted my return/refund request straight away. Be careful people!

  7. Jay (verified owner)

    DJI Osmo Pocket 3-axis gimbal cam
    An excellent small, light, 3-axis gimbal camera. My first, it’s relatively easy to get to know how to use effectively, but does take a bit of practice if you’re a beginner. With the necessary extras (which are important to get proper use from it) the cost does mount up. The updated Osmo Pocket 2 apparently does have a zoom function, but this original iteration does not, which is a pity. Not a game changer though, and it’s still an excellent tool, especially if your intended use is video shooting while wanting to keep weight to a minimum (e.g. whilst out walking long distances in mountains, wilderness, etc, which is why I purchased it). The in-built mic is ok, but it is worth stretching for the mic adapter and investigating a better external mic. The Osmo Pocket is good if you don’t have the money to spend on an expensive DSLR, mirrorless camera, etc, but do budget for ND filters, microphone adapter, etc.

  8. Mark Hume (verified owner)

    Neat tiny gadget but not sure of its audience.
    Being a lover of all things tech and already owning a DJI drone I bought this on a whim in the sale. It has good and bad bit’s but overall I really like it but not really sure when I’d use it!
    Tiny it really does fit in your pocket
    Gimble is excellent giving you buttery smooth video you can’t get with software stabilisation in action cameras
    Video quality is good for it’s size, on par with mid range DJI drones
    Screen is tiny, so you struggle to see it.
    It’s finally to use as so small son controlling it is hard. ( You really need the additional wheel controller)
    The small sensor struggles in low light.

  9. F. M. Havicon (verified owner)

    Some important info they don’t tell you in the blurb.
    A few things the hype blurb doesn’t tell you: item needs activation via mobile phone connection before it can be used, why this should be lord only knows, and if the DJI server is down, as in my case, you’re stuck till the matter resolves. Also if shooting 4k in 50 or 60 FPS the file is slightly compressed before saving to memory, while it can be saved uncompressed at 25 or 30 FPS, so you won’t ever get smooth flawless 4k video on your 4k monitor or TV. The camera is nothing more than the mass produced buttonhole type they stick in 4k enabled mobile phones, so again don’t expect your footage to look like it was taken on the latest professional movie camera. Really all you get here, beyond what a mobile offers, is the gimbal functionality. DJI ought simply to make a smart camera module unit that fits their osmo gimbal, which can then be upgraded as new technologies are available. You can’t zoom or adjust focus here.

  10. Roscoe Bamunuge (verified owner)

    So good i bought 2
    Like the title says, they are amazing. I own 2. I will be upgrading to the 2nd (or 3rd gen by then), but currently no need to, this camera is epic

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