GoPro Hero 7 Silver – 4K HD Digital Action Camera, 10 MP, Silver

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Capture 4K videos that are as stunning as the moment itself. You can also shoot time-lapse videos to turn a long activity into a brief moment to share
  • Share experiences you can’t capture with your phone. HERO7 Silver is compact, resistant and perfectly waterproof, ideal to follow you on all your adventures
  • HERO7 Silver takes stunning 10MP photos, even with extreme shots that mix high light and shadows. Its burst mode lets you get 15 photos in one second
  • Stay in the moment. Control your HERO7 Silver hands-free with voice commands like “GoPro Take Photo” and “GoPro Record Video”
  • HERO7 Silver Camera Built-in rechargeable battery The Frame Frame Curved adhesive mount Flat adhesive mount Attachment loop USB-C cable
  • A mandatory firmware update is available in the GoPro app. You just need to follow the instructions
  • Swipe from one photo to another and switch between modes: as easy as it is fast
  • HERO7 Black is a webcam compatible model
  • The HERO7 Silver has an internal battery which is not replaceable
  • The HERO7 Black and later models have a replaceable battery
Brand GoPro
Connectivity technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Flash memory type nein
Colour Silver
Special feature Voice Control
Screen size 1.95 Inches
Optical zoom 1 x
Photo sensor technology CMOS
Camcorder type Action Camera
Model name CHDHC-601

Follow these instructions to power your HERO7 camera back on: Disconnect the camera from any external power source and remove the SD card. If you are using a HERO7 Black, remove and reinsert the battery. Press the Mode button to see if the camera responds (look for LED lights, beeps, or a response on the camera screens). If there is no response, try resetting the camera by pressing and holding the Mode button for 8-10 seconds. After releasing the button, leave the camera alone for ≈5 seconds and try to get a response from the camera by pressing the Mode button. Note: This step is only for HERO7 Black, if you have HERO7 White or Silver, skip to step 5. If you still cannot get any sign of life from the camera, remove the battery and connect to a charger wall 5V 2A (5V 1A minimum) using the GoPro USB Type-C cable, let it sit for 5 seconds and try to turn on the camera (with the battery still removed). NOTE: In a pinch, you can use a computer’s USB port, but we do not recommend using a multi-port USB hub when trying to charge the camera. If the camera does not turn on, try using a secondary USB Type-C cable. If / when the red lights come on, let the camera charge for a few minutes. Remove the camera from the charging source and try to get a response from the camera by pressing the Mode button. If you receive a response, let the camera turn off, insert the SD card and wait ≈5 seconds, then try to record a sample video. HERO7 Silver Camera  Built In Rechargeable Battery  The Frame  Curved Adhesive Mount Flat Adhesive Mount  Mounting Buckle USB C Cable

Additional information

Colour Name

Black, Silver, White

11 reviews for GoPro Hero 7 Silver – 4K HD Digital Action Camera, 10 MP, Silver

  1. L. Bassett (verified owner)

    Really Is Rather Good and Worth Paying the Money For
    I am a total novice with action cameras so I waited a while to review this so I could give a fair and informative review for a novice.
    I chose GoPro after going through a multitude of reviews for just about every camera and every price range I could find. I surprised myself by going for one of the most expensive on the market rather than a cheap one. So, what influenced my decision?
    Gopro continuously came up as about the best product on the market with the Hero7 black as the bees knees, and the silver and white falling into second and third place. I could not find a single good review, except on amazon, for cheaper copies. Although I am not in a position to criticise them.
    Review of the various GoPro versions on You Tube showed the performance of the black to be outstanding with additional benefits of good audio, has multiple microphones and is not impeded by the need for a waterproof case. It is waterproof to around 20-30 meters without a case and there is a further case available if you need to go to 40 meters. There is a wide array of photo and video settings, voice control, blue tooth, internet, remote phone connection at 2.5 and 5.0 “whatevers” for the mobile phone app. The features go on and on and what’s more they can be viewed working on the internet so in the end I trusted these features work, and they do.
    There were a few negatives and I have cured most of these.
    I discovered it eats power, like a bitch. Initially this caused me a lot of annoyance but I have discovered that the cure is simple. It’s certain features that kill your power so if you are not using them turn them off. Then the power consumption turns from useless to excellent. Features that need to be turned off if you are not using them:
    1) Connection to app
    2) Connection to internet
    3) GPS
    4) Voice Control
    5) Blue tooth
    6) Screen brightness – it is very bright so it only needs to be at about 20% and that is still bright

    I don’t find not using the app a problem as the touch screen is fully readable even if you wear a + 4.5 prescription lens (as long as you are wearing them). This surprised me as I normally have to go for a big screen option. The app is great when you are getting to know your device and getting used to the touch screen controls but, it can be a bit glitchy. Give the touch controls a chance. They are annoying at first but you soon get used to them

    Extra tips I would give are:

    1) Buy an extra battery or two and a charger, non-branded ones still work well.
    2) Only use voice controls if you need them or, all you hear in the recording is you shouting at your GoPro (probably no need to shout). In addition, when using the voice control the device reverts to stand-by for 6 hours following the command to turn off. During which it has a nasty habit of turning itself on spontaneously. I have had a 25-minute recording of the inside of the camera case with the voices of people around it and lost a good deal of battery power.
    3) Read the manual available online. I found it very helpful indeed, and it is not too techy to put a novice off.
    4) Make sure the memory card you buy is suitable for 4K recording, it needs to be high speed. Check the specs online before purchasing. I bought a 128gb high speed card, and you honestly do not need one with quite that much space but, it was not much more expensive than one with 64gb. Note: I have not bothered with the 4K yet as I do not currently have a 4K monitor.
    There is the option to buy the GoPro Plus which gives you unlimited cloud storage, extra support function, half price accessories and a new GoPro should you manage to break it. This to me suggested it was very difficult to break. I purchased it but, did note that you can only upload short clips i.e. less than 5 minutes. Disappointing but, not enough to make me cancel my subscription. The failed order I put through may. But, let’s see how they resolve it. Note: your first 30 days is free and the account does give you easy access to support information, downloadable content and various other bits and bobs that are very useful for a newbe.
    Overall it was money well spent. It’s a smart trustworthy piece of kit. The features work well once you get used to them. I even managed to take time lapse recording of night landing from the interior of a plane. Not brilliant but, it was my first attempt and there were results. I keep finding new stuff it does – which is amazing.
    I have given it 5 stars because 4 does not do it justice. It’s about a 4.6 with the loss coming from it little niggles when getting used to it and the power consumption before I worked out the cure.

    In terms of the EIS, I originally uploaded a sample but, I have removed it because the uploaded version just did not do it justice.

  2. C. Chadwick (verified owner)

    Great camera but…….
    I think a lot has been said already about this camera so I will keep my comments brief.
    Picture quality is great strait out of the box but your best delving into the menus to tweak the settings.
    The EIS does a great job and I would say it is nearly as good as a gimbal, but not better. I tested mine on an I steady pro and looked similar. More expensive gimbals may do a better job, but was well pleased with the results using it with a selfie stick or just hand held. I am heavy footed when I walk and the camera copes well with the way I walk. It is definitely the best camera out of the three different action cameras I own.
    The touch screen is great once you have downloaded the latest firmware via the Gopro App. I have a great WI-FI signal using an iPhone and it downloaded and installed quick and easy, some people have found issues downloading the firmware but if your WI-FI signal is strong then you will be ok. Ive not had any issues with the App as of yet but time will tell. The touch screen is nice and clear and is easy to use once you familiarise yourself with the menu and settings.
    Not all features can be used in all resolutions, so get used to what does what such as frame rates and stabilisation etc.
    The voice commands work great and I have a strong Yorkshire accent but works fine for me. The camera can be triggered by other words, noises or voices, so turn voice commands off if you feel it may screw up youre footage.
    Battery life, There have been a lot of comments that the battery does not charge to 100%. I think this is only if you charge the battery using the USB cable while the battery is in the camera. I use the official Gopro external charger and this has given me 100% every time. As far as battery life, it all depends on the resolution you use. if you are shooting 4K at high frame rates then it will run out quicker than say 1080 at 25fps and fillming long sessions. Try to keep your clips at a sensible length and you will be ok. These cameras are meant for capturing the moment not for making an epic blockbuster movie.
    Audio quality. This has been the issue with ALL action cameras but it works well indoors. These type of cameras do not like wind, so the audio can sound boomy if you are outside in those conditions. If you want better audio, I would go the route others have taken by buying an external mic and the ridicules priced audio adaptor made by Gopro. Come on Gopro, what were you thinking about? We buy your cameras then you design the audio adaptor nearly as big as the camera itself. If you buy one then make sure the microphones 3.5mm jack is stereo type or it won’t work. I use a Zoom H4n Handy recorder with a wind muff (Dead Cat) to record all my audio, then sync it in post in Final Cut.
    I recently bought a Legal wind muff and it does a great job of limiting the wind noise. All in all Im happy with the results. It is what it is and does what it does. If you decide to buy a Gopro Hero 7 Black I would buy an extra battery and the external charger. As far as accessories, don’t buy the official items. They are overpriced while there are plenty of third party items on Amazon at really low prices.
    If you would like answers to any question you may have then contact me on here and IO will try and help.
    If you are not prepared to pay high prices for an action camera then don’t buy the cheap £20 + budget ones. You will be disappointed. I can recommend the cameras by Akaso, such as the V50 Elite etc. It all depends what you want out of a camera. If you want the best results with all the whistles and bells then it will cost you more.

  3. Hal O'Ween UK (verified owner)

    Urgent update deserved.
    I have to update this review because things have changed for the better.
    After going through various forums regarding gopro hero7 black issues (and the forums are full of them) time after time the compatibility of memory card was the first recommendation to check.
    And so I did just that.
    I was using a Samsung 64 Evo+ etc. memory card but the recommended memory card was Samsung Evo plus etc memory card.
    And now after using the appropriate memory card the camera seems to be working so much better.
    No overheating.
    No freezing.
    No swiping issues.
    No manually turning it on/off issues.
    And the battery life is as expected now.
    I fully charged it yesterday, within seconds it showed a drop to 98% (which alarmed me) but then it stabilised and after turning it off I kept returning at various points to turn it on and check the battery status and it had hardly moved at all (so unlike previous issue).
    I have just turned it on now (6am) and I still have 96% so I am now contacting Amazon Customer Services to cancel my return for a full refund.
    My daughter has handled it and she wants it now it works like it should.
    So that is good enough for me.
    Hopefully there will be no need for a further update.
    I hereby apologise for my error that caused this gopro hero7 black to get such a bad review.
    It would be good for a clearer heads up regarding the compatibility memory cards being vital when selecting this camera.
    The voice commands is still hit and miss but I expect that is due to accent and various other conditions.
    I have altered my rating score from the 1 star that I had previously gave it to a 4.75 (though no way of showing that score in the star graph).
    And I have left my previous review as it was in case anybody else out there has the same issues and had done what I had done.
    Hopefully my experience will either help someone to avoid the issues or to remedy their issues.

    I bought this gopro hero7 black for my daughter for her upcoming holiday.
    I was very excited for her after all of the praise that gopro get.
    But as soon as I had charged it and set it up I gave it a dummy run and I found several issues.
    It was soon very hot to the touch, the on/off action was very inconsistent, I couldn’t get to swipe the screen to flip through the 3 modes, the picture kept freezing and the battery died within an hour !
    There are more little niggles but compared to these major ones they didn’t really need to be given.
    For all of that money and the reputation they have I am so disappointed in this product.
    I am just glad that I found out before my daughter had taken it on holiday because that would have been a major disaster for her.
    A full refund is required and I will now have to scour for a decent alternative camera.

  4. Gaziano (verified owner)

    Happy I upgraded from the hero 5, great little cam.
    The media could not be loaded.  Used this camera a good few times now making YouTube videos, I had the GoPro hero 5 black before this one and I’m glad I upgraded to the GoPro hero 7 black, mostly for the stabilization and hyperlapse functions.
    The stabilization has really improved the smoothness of my videos, I’d say the sound quality and colour has too but not a great difference.
    Still like the hero 5 not good in windy conditions, picks wind noise up a lot and muddles sound when you are talking when it’s windy.
    On a calm day the sound is ok, but not the best.
    It’s easy to use and set up I prefer the lay out of the hero 5 though but maybe that’s because I’m used to it more.
    Haven’t taken many pics and mainly just use it for video, some of the footage is amazing in the right conditions, on a bright day with the right conditions the video footage is stunning.
    Struggles a bit in dark environment or on a dark winter’s day though or at night.
    As an action cam in the day time it’s brilliant, it’s good for what I use it for, camping, cooking outdoors, battery could do with lasting a bit longer but I’m used to that with the hero 5.
    Over all I’d say it’s worth upgrading from a hero 5, never used a hero 6 so couldn’t say.
    It’s a great camera with stunning footage, struggles a bit in dark environments and in windy conditions.
    But pleased with it, easy to use and makes great videos.

  5. Gene M (verified owner)

    Hero 7 Silver- the mid-range option
    I bought the Hero7 Silver as a gift for my son. He also has an original Hero, and this new model is vastly improved from that. The original Hero had the accessory mount as part of the camera body, and unfortunately, this broke after a short time, so he was unable to mount the camera to a chest harness, tripod, etc. any longer. With the Hero7, the mount is part of the housing, so if this gets damaged, then the housing just needs to be replaced.

    The Hero7 Silver shaves £100 off the price of the Hero 7 Black, but it’s closer to the Hero 5 Black than the Hero 6 Black, since it lacks GoPro’s GP1 chip that powered some big image quality improvements. The voice control on the Hero7 Silver doesn’t always work well, but I’m not sure if this is any better on the Hero7 Black.

    Still, in retrospect, I probably should have purchased the Hero7 Black as there as many significant advantages; The Hero7 Silver still captures 4K video, but does so at a lower 30fps. When it comes to slow-motion video, the Hero7 Silver sticks to 2x with 1080p video at 60fps. Still photos, meanwhile, are captured at 10 megapixels with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), rather than the Hero7 Black’s HDR. Also, you can use an external mic with the Hero7 Black, which you can’t with the White fo Silver, and the Hero7 Silver doesn’t have swappable batteries.

  6. G-duin (verified owner)

    Fantastic introduction to the GoPro range.
    After reading several reviews on this site and others I settled with the 7 silver model.

    Good points.

    1) Stabilisation.
    I can not fault the stabilisation capabilities of this camera! I have purchased a few cheap action cameras now with so called ‘stability features’ but this was truly an amazing improvement over budget cameras.

    2) Storage capacity.
    As this camera can take a 128Gb microSD card (not included) you can shoot hours of 4K video which I have found is more than plenty.
    The camera has a time lapse feature which greatly utilises the extra space to make some amazing condensed videos of your adventures. Also great fun to time lapse a long car journey!

    3) The app
    The camera utilities an app that has many features and makes a truly great addition to the hardware. The app has the ability to control the camera so it is ideal to record shots of yourself and see how the photo/video will look – this is opposed to trying to figure out what your camera is truly looking at!

    Bad points.

    1) The battery is not removable, if you want this capability I suggest you take a look at the black models. If you feel you need more battery life ensure you carry a decent power bank with you for ‘on the go’ charging.

    2) The charging cable.
    I feel the included charging cable is very short! Something to consider if your charging port is behind furniture.
    Also the product only comes with a USB cable and not a mains adapter.

    3) Software freeze.
    Occasionally you may be the victim of the camera ‘freezing up’ sometimes a simple hold the power button can reboot the camera. However, I have faced the issue of it completely freezing and unfortunately you have to wait for the battery to go flat!
    On other models this is remedied by removing the battery, but as stated previously you cannot do this on the silver.


    Overall this product is an amazing camera. If you have only owned a budget action camera you will see a huge difference in quality. The best improvement was noted when comparing budget cameras to this one when using it underwater. The underwater shots are almost as good as the site boasts about!
    Significantly more expensive than other action cameras on the market but the price increase is well justified.

  7. Steve (verified owner)

    GoPro Hero 7 Black is a great little action camera.
    Had a GoPro Hero 5 Black for a few years, and loved it. Unfortunately it stopped working recently, first the beeps stopped then a few weeks later the screen went blank. I had considered getting the Hero 8 but I have four batteries that won’t work in that model and don’t see the point in upgrading those as well.
    So my new GoPro Hero 7 Black arrived yesterday and so far I’m impressed, the image stabilisation is very impressive with or without my Freevision gambal. Slow motion is great. Timewarp is brilliant. Not tried it at night yet nor underwater. I’m a little apprehensive about putting it underwater as there appears to be a slight gap when you close the battery door where the hinge is. I’ve noticed this on other Hero 7’s in YouTube video’s so I’m assuming it’s normal, maybe someone can let me know?. One thing I wish it had is a feature on my Hero 5 where it would film a video and take intermittent pictures at the same time, use to get some amazing shots of my son playing in the sea in Pembrokeshire on holiday. Maybe if I shout ‘GoPro take photo’ it’ll hear me above the waves, if this one does that?

  8. Mr. Andrew Kent (verified owner)

    Freezes up when deleting files

    Had a play with it this evening. Thougherly disappointing!
    Watched reviews and YouTube videos of it linking to the app in under 5 seconds… Mine recognised its code, then denied it was there, whatever I tried.
    Even worse, if you delete files via the touchscreen, it often freezes with only battery removal working to reset it – (Tricky when scuba diving). Always if I delete all the files it will lock out at the last one with battery removal required.
    The 240 frames per second works great if you play back on the Gopro. But on a laptop, the Codec isn’t recognised (It even says that on the Gopro screen when you select 240).
    I did manage to locate and download a codec for Premiere Pro, but media player will only play back the high-speed video, only as sound, no image.
    The high speed I can put up with as will either be mucking around and watching on Gopro, or using it in a video edit, of which I can do both.
    The app connection is annoying, especially when my Hero 3+ does it fine on the same app.
    I have had a Hero 3+ Black for 3 and a half years, and its been amazing! Family videos on land,and scuba videos underwater. Never missed a beat until it finaly died and refused to turn on – Owing me nothing I should add.
    The freezing up on deleting files is unforgivable on a £380 camera.
    So, it’s packed up and the Amazon return is filled out and submitted.
    I have asked for a direct replacement in the hope I have a duffer as its only been out a week…. Never buy any product when its fresh on release!

    I will up or down the star review depending on the performance of the replacement!

    Having recived a replacement Hero 7, some issues remain. The app connectivity is still not possible. Same as before, The app sees the camera and allows naming of it, but cannot acess it to view or control it. On the box it says "Made for Apple ios". SO Maybe the Android version is not as well sorted, which is a shame as my Hero 3+ was fine with it.
    This replacement unit has not frozen deleting files, however has frozen once while trying to turn off. The rear screen froze with a pattern of green dots across the image. As before, battery removal was required to re-set the camera.

  9. TechTom (verified owner)

    More than an ACTION camera, so versatile
    The media could not be loaded.  I’ve had Hero7 Black for well over a year now. It’s been with me on multiple holidays and is still my go to holiday camera of choice. There is hundreds of incredible photos I could share but I wanted to add this time lapse I took on the beach whilst star gazing. I’m no camera expert and simply put the GoPro in NIGHT LAPSE mode and it did all the work itself. I left it there whilst using a telescope and the result is what you can see. I also used the Official Fusion/Max grip tripod To keep the camera stable. Incredible!

    Ive seen other reviews and people moan about battery life. Yes if you are doing complicated or high quality video recording, you will need to take spare fully charged batteries to last a whole day of activities. But this isn’t GoPros fault. Understand that the fault is with the battery technology itself lithium ion. We all want super awesome frame rates, 4K quality and silky smooth processing and a form factor still as small as possible. Smaller battery + high end features = limited battery life. so take this into account when using it, turn off features if your not needing them to improve battery life and set some realistic expectations. This time lapse only used 20% of battery life over 657 images at long exposures.

  10. Derek Williams (verified owner)

    Amazing little device
    I had a problem with it at first, it seemed to lock up and not respond. Turned out to be the card, gave it a full format in a PC (not a quick format) and all’s been well since. Stunning images, I use it for cycle trips. The stabilisation is unbelievable. The sound is OK, suffers a lot from wind noise but the image is stunning in HD, never tried the 4K because I want the stabilisation. Shoot at 50 FPS and the motion is just so smooth.

    OK battery life, you get a little over an hour. You do need a few for a long ride though, I have three. Changing the battery is a bit of a pain as you have to take it out of the mount,

  11. Mrs Kirsty J. Buckley (verified owner)

    Camera is great, software is not fir for purpose.
    After having this camera seven months, I have used it fairly often. I use it as a hat camera when I go horse riding for safety purposes. The camera itself is fantastic, the picture quality is brilliant, battery life is great. I would say you’d get about 3-4 hours of recording time, probably more if you used the 15 second clips. It is neat and robust. The voice activation is pretty useful too although I’ve only used that once or twice. I prefer to know for sure that it’s recording and haven’t really found the need to use the hilight function.

    The software in the other hand is atrocious. I have now conceded to paying the monthly fee for cloud storage, the files are big so it made sense. I have not actually been able to get any of the files onto the cloud despite having the auto uploader running. It has been charging and uploading for two days straight now, with no success. I also am unable to get them manually from the camera to the cloud. I have now resorted to buying an SD card reader for the computer to see if I can remove the card and do it this way as I can’t even get it to transfer when I have the camera plugged directly into the computer.

    The quik app on my phone just crashes constantly, if it even works. I managed to download and edit a video once, and since then it won’t download videos from my camera, I just get an error message and now it just crashes on opening.
    I will say that if you do manage to get it to work you can make really lovely videos, and it makes even my boring hack look epic! The PC software has more functionality than the phone app.

    I am honestly at my wits end which is a shame as the camera itself is great. Any of the software just isn’t fit for purpose. Not sure if it’s because I use a Windows PC and an Android phone, as a friend of mine uses Apple for everything and hasn’t reported a problem.

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