GoPro HERO9 – Waterproof Sports Camera with Front LCD Screen and Rear Touch Screen, 5K Ultra HD Video, 20MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization, Black


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  • Shoot stunning videos in 5K resolution, perfect for keeping details vivid even when zooming. With a new 23.6 MP sensor in all its power
  • Capture crisp, professional-quality photos with 20 MP of clarity. And thanks to SuperFoto, HERO9 Black can automatically choose the best image processing, so you can easily capture the perfect shot
  • You no longer need to carry a separate frame with you. Simply pull out the folding rails, attach the camera to any mount, and go on an adventure
  • The new and larger rear touch screen with touch zoom on HERO9 Black should feel immediately familiar, while the new bright front display helps you find the ideal shot immediately and allows intuitive control of the camera
  • Included HERO9 Black Camera, Carrying Case, Rechargeable Battery, Curved Adhesive Mount, Mounting Buckle + Fixing Screw, USB-C Cable
  • Note-Freezing is very often an issue with the SD card the customer is using in the camera. Either the SD card is not formatted correctly or the card being used is not up to the specifications needed in the HERO9 Black.If the touchscreen is working, but is finicky, the best next step is to make sure the firmware on the camera has been updated to the latest version. GoPro cameras are designed to break long recordings up into smaller files as a safety precaution
Brand GoPro
Connectivity technology USB
Flash memory type SDHC, SDXC
Colour Black
Special feature Waterproof
Screen size 2.27 Inches
Optical zoom 3
Photo sensor technology CMOS
Camcorder type Action Camera
Model name HERO9 Black

GoPro HERO9 Black – Waterproof sports camera with front LCD screen and rear touch screen

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H9B + Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount, H9B + Media Mod, H9B + Remote, 2 Batteries, H9B + Shorty, Hero 9 + El Grande, HERO9 + carrying case

10 reviews for GoPro HERO9 – Waterproof Sports Camera with Front LCD Screen and Rear Touch Screen, 5K Ultra HD Video, 20MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization, Black

  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    Overall a good camera
    I’ve had this a while now – it is a decent camera and surprisingly has a reall good mic installed – we record rehearsals – heavy metal – it records the noise excellently. It uses batteries though on average one per every 2 – 3hrs. And they get hot. Other than that its solid. Can’t knock it. I have the media kit attached not sure if that helps with the recording but thats also a great addition.

  2. Yismaty (verified owner)

    The picture quality is mind blowing!
    The slow-mo feature is unreal.
    240 photos per second.
    The microphone is amazing as well, even underwater.
    The touch screen is convinient but not fluid.

  3. Marco (verified owner)

    First GoPro – Honest Review
    – – Delivery – –
    The delivery was a bit pants. From my understanding, Amazon deliver it to a secondary delivery company and when they plan on delivering it to you, they ‘scan it out’ which sends a notification to Amazon who in turn send you a code for confirmation on delivery. Unfortunately it took 3 attempts and 1 of them they forgot to scan it out so we never had a code. Amazon compensated me with a voucher which was nice of them.

    – – Storage- –
    We are using a 128gb micro card which we’ve noticed is a bit temperamental. The card itself is fine but the amount of space the GoPro says it has is inaccurate. I was playing with the camera and deleted all media but the amount of storage space kept going down. This changes with a fresh battery which doesn’t make sense.

    – -Battery – –
    You get approx 80 minutes of recording time per battery. It goes down quite quickly when turning it off and on in between films.

    – – Features – –
    Time lapse is a dream. It speeds everything up and all you have to do is record. It’s a feature you can experiment with.

    Photos work well. Not as good as a DSLR but still reasonable quality.

    The video quality is utterly brilliant. The stabiliser makes it professional movie quality; It’s better than I expected. The sound is very clear too. There are options to change the wide lens from almost fish eye to standard kit lens. The front screen is useful for framing and a great addition.

    It’s not the easiest to navigate and I am used to DSLR cameras and manual settings. The screen is a bit small or temperamental for my fingers. It’s probably my only real criticism of the screen.

  4. Mr DC (verified owner)

    Works well but frustrating to use.
    I’ve had a number of previous GoPro units and upgraded to this as I was fed up with SD card errors on my old one. Unfortunately I’ve had a series of SD card errors on this camera, in addition to new compatibility issues with software and my computer due to the codecs and things this camera uses.

    I like the fact you can, awkwardly, open the battery compartment and run it from a power bank to get better battery life. The quality of image is also a big step up on the previous camera. The fold out clips for mounting are a bit awkward and I often struggle to get the files off the camera.

    Ultimately I wish I’d gone with a different brand as it feels this camera wasn’t quite right for what I needed. I want something that is reliable and that I can easily access to get fottage from.

    The first GoPro I had was super reliable but each one since has had more and more issues. They have got better and better in image quality and stability but at what cost.

  5. Drew Lawrence (verified owner)

    Great quality stills and video
    The only negative for me so far is the software which is truly appalling.

    The cam itself is great 🙂

  6. Jay Em (verified owner)

    It’s just OK
    If you’re here, then you’ve probably already concluded that this device can do the things you want eg the right resolution and so on. The quality of the imagery is great, so I’ll leave that to other reviewers. I’m going to focus on the negatives so you can decide for yourself.

    For context, I use this helmet mounted for riding a motorcycle and record the whole ride, not just highlights.

    What I don’t like;
    – Battery life. Lasts about an hour. I expected more.
    – Touch screen/menu. I found it fiddly and too sensitive.
    – On/off button. It’s flat with no texture and so I fumble to find it with gloves on.
    – Mem card port. It’s very easy to incorrectly insert the SD card into a gap next to the battery (see picture).
    – The app. Is not great. I ended up uninstalling it.
    – File order. The video files on the SD card are named in a way that puts them out of sequence.

    If the above aren’t issues for you, the rest of what the camera does do is fine.

  7. joel d. (verified owner)

    Elite…Love it
    This thing is just brilliant. My favourite GoPro so far and at the right price in my opinion.
    I’ve had a few GoPros over the years and they can be hit and miss, but that was because the tech was still evolving. My last ones were the 6 and the Session. The Session was awful. The 6 had some cool features, but eventually I was tired of using them and put my love for GoPro to bed for a few years.
    Then this came out.
    Every time I use it I find something new It can do and it never ceases to amaze me. Horizon levelling/locking the frame rate to res ratio. The modular system, the battery life… I could go on.
    Well done GoPro…you have won my heart again.

  8. Dan C (verified owner)

    Buy a spare battery also!
    Early days, and this is my first action camera, but very happy so far with the camera itself, the quality of videos it takes (not tried photos yet), and the official app as well as the ease of creating pretty slick-looking “story” videos. Had some great fun using it already.

    However, if this is “the new and improved big battery”, then wow the previous ones must have been just useless. Went for a 15k bike trails ride today (admittedly using 4k superwide and boosted smoothing) and by halfway it was ready down to 28% battery, so I had to stop/start it on the way back – and it still didn’t last until anywhere near the end of the ride.

    Mine also refuses to accept it can use the final 15% or so of the battery and just turns itself off every time…

    Great camera, but just make sure the incredibly limited battery life fits your requirements – as I was expecting a LOT more.

  9. Colin James (verified owner)

    Camera riddled with issues
    The camera itself is very good, when it works.

    The main issue with this brand of camera is that they often play up in concerning ways.
    The touch screen is also one of the least responsive of any device I’ve ever used (it’s almost a gimmick feature, you won’t want to do much interfacing with the camera directly). This line of cameras is really intended to be used with a static recording configuration.

    For example, it’s not uncommon for the camera to become unresponsive and require manually taking out the battery and reinserting it. This is a real annoyance if, like me, you trigger the camera using the record button (one press to begin recording, another to end recording) – something happens in real life and you want to quickly start recording and.. the camera is unresponsive.

    Another annoyance is that sometimes the camera refuses to charge (the LED indicator does not light up). The remedy for this is also ad-hoc and taken from the internet (and seemingly not in official manuals, despite it being a known issue with the cameras): remove the battery, turn it on by powering it from the wall alone, turn off, reinsert battery, try charging again.

    The kinds of annoying remedies to solve the recurring issues with this camera become a routine.
    These are the kinds of issues and ad-hoc remedies you expect to encounter, rarely, with less well funded projects such as open source hardware or something cheaply sourced from aliexpress. The fact that a camera can cost this much and be so riddled with issues is alarming.

    After about a year (Jan 2021 – Dec 2022) or so of casual usage (never submerged in water, or even used in rain), my camera has kicked the bucket. It refuses to turn on and none of the 20 remedies on YouTube (each with dozens of thousands of views) make any difference.

    I would probably not buy this brand of camera again.

  10. Pen War (verified owner)

    Tremendous bit of kit
    This is an excellent camera. The build quality is sturdy and functional and the picture quality is really good. The touch screen is a bit fiddly and occasionally hit & miss but overall this is a tremendous piece of kit.

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