How Stop A Drone Filming The Police Station ๐Ÿช๐Ÿš

In this video, a drone operator attempts to film Dudley House, a police station in Bradford, UK. The operator notes that the building is operational only, meaning there are no public areas, and tries to capture footage of the police vehicles and officers. However, due to strong winds and airplane traffic, the drone operator is unable to get a clear view and ends the video prematurely.

The drone operator comments on the police helicopter circling overhead and speculates that the police may be trying to prevent him from filming with his drone. He expresses disbelief that the police would waste resources on stopping him from filming and wonders if they are looking for something or someone else. The helicopter’s continued presence ultimately leads the drone operator to end the video early.

Throughout the video, the drone operator is careful to avoid flying his drone out of line of sight and to not do anything unsafe. He is aware of people watching him from the windows of the police station and takes precautions to avoid causing any disturbance. Despite his efforts, he is unable to get a clear view of the police vehicles and officers due to the weather conditions and helicopter activity.

Overall, the video provides a glimpse into the challenges and limitations of filming near police stations and the potential for police intervention when flying a drone in restricted areas. The drone operator’s commentary on the situation sheds light on the sometimes uneasy relationship between drone enthusiasts and law enforcement.

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