@labourparty Calls In Armed Response On Wakefield Residents

In this video, a group of people with a camera visit a Labour Party office to ask about their campaign and record their message. However, the staff at the office seem hesitant and ask the group to leave. The group persists, asking for information about where the Labour Party is campaigning that day. As the conversation becomes increasingly tense, the police are called.

In the next part of the video, the group leaves the office and walks down the street, still recording. They express disappointment with the way they were treated and discuss their intention to follow the Labour Party on their campaign trail. As they walk, they encounter more police officers, including two armed response vehicles.

The video then shows the group speaking with a police officer, who explains that there is no crime being committed and everything is in order. The group asks the officer about the use of armed response vehicles and expresses their distrust of the police. The officer tries to diffuse the situation and eventually the group leaves.

In the final part of the video, the group continues to walk down the street, discussing the incident and expressing frustration with the Labour Party and the police. They eventually decide to move on to the next location and continue their recording.

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