‘Police Robots’ get confused when it goes off script

In this video, a man films outside a police station in Otley, West Yorkshire, and encounters police officers who ask him to leave. The man explains that he is making a video about police stations and is filming from public land. However, the officers inform him that the area he is in is owned by the government and not public land, and therefore he cannot film there. The man argues that he is allowed to film in public under Section 33 of the Criminal Justice Act 1972, but the officers maintain that he cannot film on owned land. The man decides to stay put, and the officers put on body cameras and tell him they are recording him as well.

The man continues to film the police cars, but the officers become agitated and accuse him of filming personal cars. The man denies this and asks if he can film inside the police cars, but the officers tell him he cannot. The conversation becomes increasingly heated, with both parties accusing each other of being uncooperative. Eventually, the man leaves the area, calling the encounter a “massive fail” for the West Yorkshire Police.

The encounter highlights the confusion surrounding the use of police robots and the interpretation of laws regarding filming in public. It also raises questions about police officers’ attitudes towards members of the public who film them and the use of body cameras to record interactions with civilians. Ultimately, the incident demonstrates the need for clearer guidelines and training for police officers regarding public filming and the use of new technologies.

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