Police Sergeant Makes Up For Rude WPC

In this video, a man known as News Now Yorkshire is seen visiting the West Yorkshire Police station in Garforth. He looks around the building and tries to engage with some of the police officers present. He is disappointed to find that there is no public inquiry desk available, and he is unable to get the answers he wants from some of the police officers.

One officer in particular, a WPC, is particularly rude to him when he tries to ask her a question. Despite her behavior, the man remains polite and continues his tour of the building. He eventually runs into a police sergeant who is happy to show him around one of the police vans and even turns on the flashing blue lights for him to take a picture.

The man expresses his appreciation for the sergeant’s kindness, and comments on the contrast between the two officers’ attitudes. He gives the WPC a “massive fail” for her rudeness and the sergeant a “massive pass” for his helpfulness.

Overall, the video highlights the importance of good communication and customer service skills in the police force, and how the behavior of individual officers can have a big impact on public perception. It also shows how a positive interaction with one officer can outweigh a negative experience with another.

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