Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Action Camera PRO Kit includes 64GB Micro SDHC Card + Case + Invisible Selfie Stick + Lens Cap


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  • Four ways to shoot—360, Steady Cam, InstaPano and MultiView—come together to deliver a multi-cam rig that fits in your pocket
  • With 5.7K 360 degree capture, the camera catches the action in every direction, so you don’t have to point while shooting. Just choose your favorite angle during your edit, or let ONE X2’s AI do it for you.
  • For solo vloggers and creators, MultiView is a game-changer. Display two angles at once with different fields of view and make sure you’re always in frame with the app’s face tracking.
  • ONE X2 is also ready for the water, with IPX8 waterproofing. Take it down to 10 meters (33ft) without a case, or use the Dive Case to shoot down to 45 meters with seamless underwater stitching.
  • PRO kit includes the 70cm Invisible Selfie Stick that disappears from your videos to capture easy drone-like angles and third-person perspectives. Pro Kit contents: 1x Insta360 ONE X2, 1x 70cm Invisible Selfie Stick, 1x Case, 1x 64GB Memory Card, 1 x Lens Cap, 1x Charge Cable, 1x Battery, 1x Protective Pouch and 1x User Guide.

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One X2, One X2 Premium Kit, One X2 Pro Kit

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Single, + 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card, + 64GB Micro SDHC Card, + Kit, + Lens, + Lens Guards, + Pro 128GB microSDXC Memory Card

15 reviews for Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Action Camera PRO Kit includes 64GB Micro SDHC Card + Case + Invisible Selfie Stick + Lens Cap

  1. Fifth Wheel Trucking Vlog (verified owner)

    It NEEDS features and better customer care
    Insta 360 One X2

    Really glad i got this camera, it’s a cracking bit of kit. Just a few flaws.

    Great to just have with you
    Downloads images and videos fast and to your phone
    Easy to set up and get going

    Voice comments DO NOT WORK at all
    Hit and miss as to wether or not it’s going to start when you want it to using your mobile
    Can’t switch it off using your mobile, only on
    Customer service is shocking
    App forces you to have annoying notifications

    So lets start with a review, if the shortlist of bullet points isn’t enough for you.

    The great thing about this camera is that it fits in your pocket and is really easy to get up and running. When you want to quick capture, its fast enough for most of my needs, but nowhere near as quick at starting up as any of my GoPro kit.

    It connects to EarPods so sound quality can be good using those, but to be honest, they’ve done a pretty damn good job on the audio, you can even clear it up in post or have it concentrate on your voice.

    Image quality is really good, no complaints there at all. Although on a bright day you might want to change a few of the settings as i shot in natural sunlight to get some views, but it turned out too bright and drowned out what i wanted to capture, possibly my own fault there..

    Setting up the app is easy and getting connected to the camera is very straight forward, although the REALLY annoying thing is, you can’t use the app unless you have notifications switched on. Imagine opening your email inbox to a load of spam…. oh wait… we all do that every day already… well it’s just like that. Pointless and irritating. Fortunately it’s not constant and so far I’ve only had a few over the course of a month. (Almost).

    I’m a truck vlogger and using it while driving is almost impossible because the voice commands do not work. I have to pull over, start recording and then pull over again to stop recording. I don’t want to spend more money on a remote, besides, why should i have to if it supposedly has voice commands!?

    Then there’s technical support.. You know when kids ask “why?” So you give an answer and they reply with “why?” and so on? ….. it’s like that. All I asked was “is there a wake words to use the voice commands”.. like “Alexa play my music” or “hey siri, call my aunty” .. it’s been 2 days and I’m now being asked about the firmware version. I have honestly given up all hope of ever using voice control on this camera.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great bit of kit and as a whole, I’d say I would recommend it to anyone, but this seems like it’s aimed more at people starting out with 360 or a younger generation that want to show off on social media.

    Which brings me nicely to the social media side of it. Apparently it’s possible to go live with this handy kit on numerous flavours of social media. “Why not give it a whirl” i thought. Another face palm moment struck after 40 minutes of trying to get it to work.. gave up in the end!

    I mean, you’re better off exporting your files and uploading them without using the app. As for YouTube, I couldn’t get it to connect to my channel at all… maybe some perseverance is needed on my part.

    To that end, I am very tech savvy and still some of this baffled me.

    Final thought : great kit, water resistant and a really fun thing to have. Just don’t expect it to be flawless.

    Congratulations on reading this far, you must be an insomniac!!

    *** EDIT*** the desktop software is shocking.. every time it updates, I’ve had to put windows into safe mode, delete the entire program, download it again and install it.. Beginning to wish I’d have bought a GoPro now..

  2. J. B. Crick (verified owner)

    GoPro killer
    Losing my GoPro was in hind sight a blessing. Since owning the X2 I honestly don’t understand why anyone would consider anything else. Just don’t buy the gps remote as it’s rubbish.

  3. A.J.E.BATHURST (verified owner)

    Great camera
    Great camera editing cumbersome

  4. Natalie P. (verified owner)

    Great fun and overall easy to use
    Not used much for video but the 360 images are great and have used this to map a room. Essentially the camera takes 2 fisheye images of 180 degrees and ‘stitches’ them together. The actual camera display is small and awkward so best stick to the app. Only down side (which is not the camera’s fault) is the lack of technology for people to view the images in full 360. However, the app gets round this somewhat by allowing you to manipulate the image taken to produce as many stills from it at different angles as you like. Similarly editing the video in Adobe Premiere, for instance, you can choose the best view to show from the source material which is pretty cool, and can change this view in the timeline.
    The camera itself is very compact and hardly shows in the 360 images (can be edited out with software) and is light enough to be used on a selfie-stick-tripod. The room mapping worked very well until I discovered that most host websites require a subscription which really wasn’t worth it for what I was using it for. I haven’t explored this as much as I should yet, especially not for filming, but it is great fun and good quality, no disappointments really.

  5. Ben (verified owner)

    Great camera but you need phone app (on specific phone models) to unlock
    Great product but you need to unlock it with a phone app that does not install on many phone models! Had to get a friend to unlock it using their phone. Seems mad that this would even be an issue, but make sure you have access to a phone that can install the app on, before buying it, otherwise you cannot use it! Once unlocked works fine.

  6. Sen (verified owner)

    HQ footage that needs to replace vloging cameras!
    I bought this for a project I had coming up as I wanted to achieve the “tiny planet” effect.

    The stability on this is INSANE. when using this on non profesh camera people to hold and walk (mind there was a lot of shake) the camera paired with the invisible selfie stick was unmatched! Hardly any shake at all when viewed on the tiny planet effect.
    It films in 5.7k (way better than the 4k on my Sony a7iii) SO INSANE.
    It also has a time-lapse, time shift mode which are super cool and nice if you want extra b roll incase. Just set it up on the selfie/tripod and leave it in the background.
    Super happy with the video quality.

    I haven’t used the photo features as MUCH but I will say it delivers on quality! It’s even got self timers do you can easily take some great non distorted looking photos too!

    You can choose to edit on with a phone app (super easy as all touch screen) or there is a software for laptops also. You can also edit in premier pro now with a plug in, however it did not work for me.

    I really don’t like how quickly it overheats. For something so powerful it’s very small and does often heat up when filming in the max video quality.
    Although it’s touch screen it’s still a bit fidly and annoying.
    The battery life is not the best, it died mid shoot but can be charged via portable charger.
    I hate the micro SD slot, means I have to buy a micro SD. Never use micros so more effort and easier to loose.

    Overall worth the cost as I feel it can be an every day vlogging camera, BTS camera and overall second camera to your shoots!

  7. PromotionsManager (verified owner)

    Not happy
    Kept turning off. Didn’t make stick invisible , not easy straight forward to use then? Disjointed for that price . Had refund

  8. Dan (verified owner)

    Fun little camera
    I was torn between a new GoPro or an Insta360 and am so glad I went Insta360. The image stabilization is fantastic and the and colours are true. Yes the stitching is sometimes a little off, but provided you don’t deliberately aim the edge of the camera at the center of the action you’ll be fine.
    It’s not as robust as a GoPro but it does a different job and given you’re shooting 360 you must protect the lens at all costs.
    The app that is very intuitive and the “lab” section has some very nice features and ideas. My favorite thing from the lab so far is the night lapse feature, must be one of the easiest way to get into star photography.
    A great little camera packed with features.

  9. sel (verified owner)

    Some practical considerations that might be a dealbreaker..,
    Who makes an action camera without a micro hdmi port?
    So no TV viewing for you unless you do it via casting from a laptop. This is a big fail in my opinion.
    Secondly. REALLY IMPORTANT WATER USE: There’s no tether point on the camera, so if you are going to use this on your kayak / surf board / kite don’t be surprised when you have to replace the camera when it gets snapped off the mount in an impact and you lose the camera. Its long shape makes it particularly vulnerable as opposed to a compact cube of other cameras.
    Thirdly. Water is likely to ingress this camera because the hatches are really tiny and badly designed and not robust at all. So be REALLY careful and thorough with sealing it before using it in water. I recommend using electrical tape to seal down all the access points.
    You can’t use this product at all without a fairly new smart phone that you can se to “authorise” it.
    By authorise – that means install the dodgy Chinese app onto your phone and grant it access rights to your data.
    At that point you can then use your camera.

  10. M. G. Woolley (verified owner)

    I Love This Camera
    I really love this camera. I was a bit nervous about putting it in the fish pond, but it copes underwater fine. It struggles a little with low-level lighting and zooming long distance, but overall it’s a joyous piece of equipment. What I love the most is that I can go for a walk and actually enjoy the walk, looking through my own eyes, knowing that the camera is capturing everything around me and I can deal with the footage later. I don’t have to constantly worry about which direction I’m pointing the camera in. The Insta360 Studio is also super easy to use. I don’t do a lot of video editing and I was worried it might be complicated, but it was incredibly intuitive. I learned how to use it in about twenty minutes. No one really likes editing on their phone, though, and you will need a computer with 11GB RAM or higher to use the studio on a laptop. I’ve had so much fun with this camera already, and looking forward to having a lot more.

  11. Discerning Buyer (verified owner)

    Great difficulty keeping a connection to phone – this is the X2 – not X3
    I’m a techie but I had quite a bit of difficulty getting this connected and keeping a conection even though camera and phone were on my person. I also had difficulty with Sandisk memory cards although the one supplied with the kit did work. I think the 360 camera idea is very appealing concept but I will wait until the X3 version is matured and some of these connection problems are ironed out. It may seem petty but when a moment occurs you want to get the camera on and recording, not spend 5 minutes retrying the connection and the moment is gone.

  12. Jonny Airtime (verified owner)

    So, so, good.
    I know theres a newer version out but this is incredible and the shots are out of this world. It’s perfect for social media and creating original shots.

    I waited for the right price to get this camera and I’m so glad I did. It’s one of the best cameras I’ve ever owned. The footage is amazing and the stabilization is incredible. I’ve already used it to take some amazing shots and I can’t wait to see what else I can do with it.

    great for holidays or doing some creative shots in the park with the kids. so versatile too. The app give you loads of ideas and inspiration too, really chuffedf

  13. gary (verified owner)

    Great camera
    Love this camera and all its features!
    Just shoot and edit later
    Invisible selfie stick
    Great app

  14. Alistair (verified owner)

    Great for 360 videos
    Great fun camera for 360-degree filming. I’ve filmed walks and journeys with it poking out of windows of trains and the car successfully.

    It’s waterproof and I’ve dived with it. The quality wasn’t that good underwater so I tried to get the official underwater case but there’s no stock anywhere.

  15. chrismichaeluk (verified owner)

    Where do I start?!
    Firstly I should say this is the third review I’ve left of this. Initially I was amazed, but then I hadn’t really tested it to be honest. Then I changed my five star review to a three star because I discovered things I didn’t like about it that are flaws in my opinion. And now, I’m giving it one star and I’m so annoyed; so I’m sending this back tomorrow….Here’s why. (By the way, I know what I’m talking about…I have been using cameras for many years to produce high quality video and photos for a variety of purposes. I’m also annoyed because I’m bought extras like two extra batteries, selfie sticks etc. I’ll be out of pocket. I even sold my last camera which was incredible because I wanted to try a 360 cam….my mistake…huge one!)…

    1. Let me begin by saying that it is WRONG of the company to sell this as a 5.7K camera. Oh it IS 5.7k but that 5.7k is divided amongst the entire 360 degrees, which means that when you reframe the footage before exporting, it ends up HD. However, the quality is poor, really poor, and looks more like 720p unless you’re viewing on a small device like a phone or tablet. So DO NOT think this is going to look 5.7k, or 4k or even HD when you export because it won’t.

    2. Footage is GRAINY. Very grainy. Insta360 suggest using Auto mode, but this is terrible advice. You should always use Manual, because using Auto means you’re trusting the camera to choose the “best” settings. But what does “best” mean? best quality? best sharpness? best exposure? Well nobody knows because the camera is just juggling around the settings and making it as best exposed as possible…but is it making your image brighter by lowering the shutter speed (which essentially increases motion blur) or by increasing the ISO (which essentially increases grain/noise in the image)…..who knows?! but either way, its making it grainy and noisy. Very grainy.

    I should point out that I have tried AUTO mode, MANUAL mode and all the settings in between. I’ve tried HDR, slow shutter speeds, fast shutter speeds, filming on a dull day, on an overcast day and on a bright sunny day. I have spent weeks now going out and testing under different light conditions, using many different combinations of settings but nothing works. Nothing makes the footage as good as a “5.7k” camera should be. It’s nothing more than a 720p webcam. Don’t believe me? Look at footage on Youtube filmed on this! And search for reviews on Google. It’s full of disappointed customers. Insta 360 make all kinds of ridiculous suggestions on how to tweak settings but nothing works…nothing.

    3. If you want to film the mountains in the distance then great, but anything close by…forget it.! Nothing should be within 6 feet of this or your footage will wobble. The problem that bothers me other than horrendous quality footage around the edges is the stitch lines. Don’t forget this is two cameras filming 180 degrees, and both of those images have to be stitched to make 360 degrees. It doesn’t matter what you do, the stitch line is always visible. You can change the stitch settings in the app but it makes no difference. The join is terrible. If you’ve got your subject anywhere along that line then that persons face will look cut down the middle and deformed.

    4. Lens flare is a huge problem. Reflections from the sun are a huge issue. Insta360 stupidly suggest that you make sure the SIDE of the camera faces the sun at all times to avoid glare. Guess what? It actually works. It gets rid of the glare (but not the poor video quality or stitch lines). BUT what kind of action cam stays facing side on to the sun? You’re going to be skiing, cycling etc in different directions. So any twists and turns with the camera means the glare comes back and the stitch wobbles appear.

    5. This is a great camera if you want to simply stick it on a bike, helmet etc and then come back home and play back your footage to family. DO NOT buy this if you want anything professional producing.

    6. This is a very gimmicky camera. Lots of stunts and trick shots make this a great camera for running or cycling etc. But it’s not a camera for just walking with. Keeping still is fine too because the wobbles won’t appear…but that’s not very ACTION is it!? Definitely don’t walk with this or you’ll spot the wobble lines everywhere.

    7. The app is not very intuitive at all. Fiddly.

    8. The app only PREVIEWS what the camera is seeing, and it’s preview quality. So how on earth Insta expect you to be able to check your footage live is beyond me! Maybe they think you can do it using the little screen on the camera…but no…it’s too small. Its great for adjusting the settings but not for live viewing on the camera. So expect jittery, grainy footage if you want to preview on your phone. No it’s not my phone having a problem….it’s the camera! It only preview in low res.

    9. They claim you can go live. Well, it’s not as easy as that. You can go live Online YouTube ONLY if you have over 1000 subscribers.. So if you’re like me and just ordinary bloke wanting to go live then you can’t. For some reason, Facebook streaming is also a pain. It doesn’t appear on my wall until Ive stopped the broadcast which technically means it isn’t live at all. I’m disappointed in this!!!

    10. If you want to make videos for family and friends and don’t mind wobbles and grainy footage, then this is fine for you. But if you want footage to look good and certainly like the 5.7k this is billed as then you’ll be very disappointed and £400+ lighter!!!!

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