Insta360 X3 360 Degree Action Camera PREMIUM Kit includes Invisible Selfie Stick + Lens Cap + 64GB Memory Card


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  • Next generation version of the world’s best-selling 360 degree Action Camera with larger sensor, increased camera pixels, bigger battery, larger screen, faster WiFi and voice control
  • Large 1/2″ Sensor gives increased detail with 5.7K 360 video capture and 72MP 360 Photo
  • Upgraded single lens mode allows shooting in 170 degree 4K @ 30fps without framing and instant share to social media
  • Increased battery to 1800mAh and 2.29″ tempered glass touchscreen for longer and brighter action. New voice control allows access to your camera when mounted out of reach such as on your invisible selfie stick
  • Kit includes Insta360 X3 Action Camera, Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick, Insta360 Lens Cap and 64GB Memory Card

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12 reviews for Insta360 X3 360 Degree Action Camera PREMIUM Kit includes Invisible Selfie Stick + Lens Cap + 64GB Memory Card

  1. Steve, Uk (verified owner)

    GoPro Converted!
    Ok so firstly I loved my GoPro and even though I pretty much gave it away regret not still having it as I think they both sit in different aspects of an action cam…. But! Insta360 x3 is way more fun! I created a cool video on my very first run which people straight away commented how cool it actually was.

    The camera will obviously record in 360° so when it comes to stabilisation you have 360° at your hands to stable the picture recorded at 5.7k and 30fps.

    Loads of different modes but that being said it’s so simple to use my kids are intelligent so no question they could use it but put it in the hands of a grand parent then I think even they could given a few pointers be able to use it and after time get the jist of its unique angles it can record and as for the selfie stick….. Wow amazes people and has them scratching their heads on how on earth you recorded the footage, drone normally comes to mind, nope it’s invisible selfie and camera.

    So I ran with 360 and go incredible video, 2nd run (today in fact) not so great as I tried to use it like a GoPro as FOV mode and the shake was bad! However like I say it’s new to me and I realised the for this FOV+ is wayyyyyy better with stabilisation and horizon lock 🙈 wish I’d sushed that before.

    Camera is awesome to being able to take 72MP 360 picture and you can chose which bit to crop to share or just share a 360° photo.

    The app is incredible with loads of tips, tutorials, templates, editing tools and social element where as you can view other members videos and pictures to see what you can achieve when you become Zen Master!

    All in all do I recommend absolutely! Do I suggest replacing your GoPro…. I’d keep the two and you will soon see what the advantages of each bring. I can see this being such fun though! Get one and if I were you get the package with the not so good memory card and just buy another SanDisk high-speed card, you will save money anyway! 👍🏼

  2. bridgemr2 (verified owner)

    Camera is great but beware the memory card
    The camera is fantastic. Picture quality is great and video is pretty decent once you get used to the settings and figuring out how to maximise quality with the right manual settings. The kit I got had the lens protector which is fine and the selfie stick which is great quality, although I would have preferred it slightly longer. The memory card supplied is just not up to scratch speed wise and just isn’t good enough…. They’ve cheaper out with the memory card in the kit. I’ve knocked a star off for this reason. Factor in having to end up buying something like a SanDisk Extreme Pro to get the speed needed.

  3. PB (verified owner)

    A lot of fun, but much poorer picture quality than expected
    In really strong sunlight, when you can set this to record in HDR video, this is quite a fun tool, capable of many surprising angles and perspectives on the world. But in ordinary light, and therefore in ordinary Video mode, the quality is really terrible, like a smart phone of about 5/6 years ago. Don’t get one if you want to do anything more than play around, unless you live somewhere where the sun shines without fail

  4. Pabel (verified owner)

    It’s can be a very interesting thing if you travel alot.

  5. Stuart (verified owner)

    Can’t review properly as supplied sd card isn’t fast enough to work in camera!
    Delivery was great. X3 camera seems great, selfie stick great, lens cap great.
    Sadly supplied memory stick can’t be used in this camera as it’s too slow. I was really excited when this arrived and then really disappointed and frustrated when I came to use it, only to find sd card wasn’t fit for purpose. I’ve had to order a replacement (Sandisk extreme pro) for the cheapass supplied sd card.
    What’s the point in including an sd card that can’t be used for 360 filming? Utterly pointless!
    Had the sd card been fit for purpose I’d have given this 5 stars!

  6. HotDJ (verified owner)

    The future
    Quality camera, big learning curve if your new to 360 editing but loads of fun and you can get very creative once you get the hang of it, I would recommend buying extra battery and SD card 500gb minimum,

  7. Nayyar Raza Kazmi (verified owner)

    Wonderful Device specially for Travel videography
    This is an amazing device for videography giving you perspective not possible with traditional cameras or phones. The best thing is that you don’t need to frame or think about your shots. Just start recording and forget. You can re-frame later and the results are more interesting than the traditional videos. The companion app gives you a lot more effects to play with and as time passes you will get more familiar with so many options that it’s never boring. I used to get bored with my traditional camera gears but no more. This one will give you the perspectives that you will love it always

  8. Marek W. (verified owner)

    first experience with 360 camera
    Great camera, not fully tested yet due weather condition, but first videos look awesome! Some problems with attached memory catd but resolved by seller. Highly recommended.

  9. bartek (verified owner)

    Wery poor aftersale service
    I recently purchased an Insta360 action camera and had a terrible experience with their customer service. I had a problem with my camera and reached out to their support team for assistance. However, instead of getting the help I needed, I was met with a series of unproductive and misleading conversations. The support team’s main goal seemed to be to convince me to pay extra for services that I did not need or want. This not only caused me frustration but also a great deal of inconvenience.

    Furthermore, the process of repair was delayed by the support team, which made it difficult for me to use my camera. I found that the support team was not helping me but rather waving me off. This is unacceptable and not the kind of service that I expect from a reputable company like Insta360.

    It’s important to note that this is an action camera and the repair service is important to consider. I would advise anyone considering purchasing an Insta360 action camera to think twice before doing so. Their customer service is not up to par, and they seem more interested in taking advantage of their customers than providing quality service.

  10. Stuart (verified owner)

    Great little camera
    Only tried it a couple of times so far but it’s an awesome camera. Can’t wait to use it loads more

  11. Divyang Nayak (verified owner)

    Its really awesome product loved it😍
    The media could not be loaded.  The product and quality is best so happy thank you

  12. Manuel P (verified owner)

    Love the X3
    First time owing a 360 camera and can honestly say i love it….
    The best about it you can just film without worrying about shaking and angles and reframe it all whenever you want…
    The image during daylight is awesome very bright days tends to blowout the highlights but hdr mode does help a little …
    For dark lighting the camera struggles with noisy image however it wasn’t made for low light so as long as there is enough light its going to ve you awesome results….
    Love it will definitely recommend it…

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