Insta360 X3 – Waterproof 360 Action Camera with 1/2″ 48MP Sensors, 5.7K 360 Active HDR Video, 72MP 360 Photo, 4K Single-Lens, 60fps Me Mode, Stabilization, 2.29″ Touchscreen, AI Editing, Live Stream

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  • 360 Capture & Reframing: X3 captures 5.7K 360 Active HDR video, so you’ll never miss the action. Choose your favorite angle after the fact with easy reframing tools in the AI-powered Insta360 app.
  • Dual 1/2″ 48MP Sensors: X3’s new sensors pack in more pixels for greater clarity and detail, even in low light. Capture 72MP photos, 8K timelapses and more.
  • 4K Single-Lens Mode: Shoot wide-angle footage just like a single-lens action cam. Get maximum resolution with 4K30fps or an extremely wide 170° field of view with 2.7K MaxView.
  • FlowState Stabilization & 360 Horizon Lock: FlowState Stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms come together to deliver incredibly smooth videos.
  • Impossible Third Person View: X3 makes the Invisible Selfie Stick totally disappear from your shots for impossible third-person perspectives. Now shoot at up to 60fps with Me Mode.

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Battery Kit, Get-Set Kit, Standalone

13 reviews for Insta360 X3 – Waterproof 360 Action Camera with 1/2″ 48MP Sensors, 5.7K 360 Active HDR Video, 72MP 360 Photo, 4K Single-Lens, 60fps Me Mode, Stabilization, 2.29″ Touchscreen, AI Editing, Live Stream

  1. Leeds (verified owner)

    Comes With A Few Nasty Expensive Surprises
    Even though I knew the Camera needs a phone app to activate it, I didn’t know I needed a far more advanced phone for the app to work fully.

    I had no problem downloading the app to my 2020 Samsung Galaxy Edge & even activating the camera but I soon realised I had limited use of the app.

    So, I cant frame any footage or do much editing on my Samsung Galaxy Edge.
    I have however discovered a hidden feature within the app which people who have reviewed the camera, never talk about.

    Its a feature called “Direction” & when you enable it, the footage you export to your phone will only show where the front lens was pointing during filming.

    If you dont enable it, the Auto editing will point in random directions & despite what some people say about how great Auto editing is, I found it really frustrating as it sometimes locked on irrelevant objects & stayed there till the end or it will focus on your face throughout the entire clip.

    Of all the several different types of footage I allowed Auto Editing to export, not even one was good.
    So with limited app use, the “Direction” feature on the phone app has given me room to export some good footage while I save up to buy an iPhone next month.

    Another problem is the battery. If you use the camera as a dashcam, the amount of power the car charger puts into the camera is slower than the camera uses so it will eventually switch off after about one &half hours.
    You would definitely need one or two spare batteries. So, you cant use it as a dashcam unless you only want to film short clips.

    As for the desktop app…let me laugh first, loool.
    My computer completely froze for two hours & I had to find tedious backdoor ways to uninstall the app.

    Apparently, my ViewSonic 1080p full HD computer is too old for the app so I now also have to upgrade or buy a new 1920 laptop – which is not cheap.
    A reconditioned laptop with a 17″ screen on Amazon, is currently over £300.00.
    So, for a reconditioned iPhone & reconditioned laptop, Im looking at spending not less than £700.
    This is on top of other Camera accessories I need like two spare batteries (£40 each), a charging port (£50), External mic (£50-£200), a 3m selfie stick (£90), a car mounting kit (£70), a carrier bag (£30), body & rucksack mounting kit (£20).
    Oh, & not forgetting the two year insurance I took out for accidental damage at £32.
    Is it worth it? A big YES!!!

  2. StevenK2104 (verified owner)

    Good quality but the video editor is poor.
    First of all this is a great camera. Far better quality than the equivalent priced gopro. However the editing software is poor and lacking features that are required to stitch two or more clips together.
    This means that if you want to post a 360 video to YouTube then you have to record it all in one go. You can’t record one clip in one location and then another clip in another location and join them together.
    You can if you convert the file to a flat type video and then import that into Premier Pro but that’s a extra cost.
    Sadly until they add this feature the camera is pointless for my application.

  3. Bobbie & Luke H. (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service from these guys at insta360
    Absolutely amazing customer service from these guys at insta360 at Amazon, I honestly can’t rate them highly enough ….. I had an issue with my original device and these guys went above and beyond their call of duty and customer care by sending me out a brand new device via next day delivery and then arranging collection with FedEx after the new device had been well and truly delivered

    A very big thank you to all of the insta360 guys and even a bigger thank you and shout out to Steph that helped make all this amazing customer care arrangement come together in a stress free way (Steph if you are reading this, I hope insta360 are paying you very well, because you truly deserve it)

    Honestly I would 110% recommend buying this from these guys and these guys only…… From One very happy and grateful customer 👍😉

  4. wild duck (verified owner)

    Great possibilities but some bugs to iron out
    The possibilities with this camera are amazing. And I am excited to see what I can achieve. However I am learning the tech is still somewhat buggy, so best approached with the spirit of an early adopter. On first use the camera overheated and froze and I could not successfully reboot the camera for several hours after. It also took several attempts to find a micro SD car it would recognise (yes I tried reformating them). Now I have joined the facebook forum, I see these issues are not uncommon although not experienced by all either. The video quality is not as good as ai had hoped, but I think I can work on that with the right settings, good lighting and some post processing. I have read many many reviews and concluded it is the best at the price point for a 360 camera none the less. Excitied to see what I can achieve with this camera.

  5. Edmond L. (verified owner)

    Good product, but I had problem with the delivery
    The product is great, but there was a delay of 1 day ti deliver it.

  6. kestas (verified owner)


  7. Anthony Fairthorne (verified owner)

    I was hoping for much more from this camera but was sadly disappointed with the quality of the recordings. For anything more than a few feet away the quality is very grainy and poor.
    Ended up returning this.

  8. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    No user Manual
    No user manual on paper or online – even from the inst360 website. Like giving a camera with hundreds of settings to someone and not explain anything. I am keeping it as it works reasonably well – picture quality not up to a “flat” modern action camera but for all that it does what it states on the advertising. Just can’t believe no user manual.

  9. Cath (verified owner)

    Brilliant little camera
    This is such a fun little camera, so much you can do with it, I’ve only scratched at the surface. Would definitely recommend

  10. Alexa (verified owner)

    This camera needs to be connected to the insta360 app to be activated, BUT… this app is not compatible with my 6month old Nokia XR20 smart phone, nor is it compatible with my Huawei MediaPad T3 tablet. Which makes this product useless.
    Why does a stand-alone camera need to have access to you phone details before it will work? seems like a data grabbing device to me, not a camera.
    Buy with caution as the support keeps cutting you off and leaves you hanging for 30 minutes + Shocking!! Absolutely shocking.
    ** Update** tried it with my old Samsung Galaxy S8 & that don’t work!! Customer support told me to use someone else’s phone to activate the 360 camera which means putting my personal details into a random persons phone… great for data security? Returned to Amazon, buyer beware!!

  11. Arcee (verified owner)

    Super 360 camera
    Great for holidays with the family.
    Definitely needs a bigger storage card, 512Mb in my opinion.
    Also needs phone storage big enough to fo editing of the video footage later.
    Quality is brilliant, the effects from the insta are just insanely good. Read reviews on the Internet before buying and Believe this is the best on the market at the moment.
    If you’re a video fanatic, definitely get on!

  12. Jungle (verified owner)

    So far it’s amazing
    Small learning curve but lots of tutorials online and on the insta app. Picking it up quickly and the shots are out of this world amazing.

  13. DJ (Archie) Clickey (verified owner)

    It’s packed with so many features but there’s one major flaw…
    It’s image quality is just not that good it’s okay and 360 and in low light photos, but as soon as he punch in to a 16 x 9 aspect ratio, the quality is just poor. I was really hoping this would be good as I despise GoPro due to their faulty products, but unfortunately it’s camera quality does not come up to their standards for £500.

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