Armed Response Ready To Shoot!!

In this video, a group of individuals is seen outside the West Yorkshire police headquarters, trying to retrieve a camera that was confiscated a year ago. They were in support of the Live Free movement and went to the Sausage Meat trial, where they were arrested. The police officers took £2,000 worth of equipment, which they are now attempting to retrieve. The group is met by a police officer who gives them directions to the Northgate reception. The group meets another police officer who is in charge of the camera and equipment department.

The individuals tell the officer that they have come to retrieve their equipment, and they demand it back, insisting that they have a right to it. They also express their concern about police brutality and corruption, stating that people are standing up against it and filming everything. They say that they are exercising their civil liberties and want the police to stop being corrupt.

The police officer tries to reason with the individuals and explains that they cannot just walk in and take their equipment, but they can wait for it to be retrieved. He also explains that they cannot film inside the police headquarters without permission. The group argues that they have the right to film in public, and they feel that they are being mistreated and not listened to.

The situation becomes tense when an armed response team arrives, and the group accuses the police of using disproportionate force. The group finally gets their equipment back, and the police officers allow them to leave. Throughout the video, the group expresses their frustration with the police and calls for more accountability and transparency. They argue that police brutality and corruption are serious issues that need to be addressed.

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