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Thames Reinforcements - Nottingham


In this video, the narrator visits Thames Reinforcements, a company based in Kent that operates a state-of-the-art factory for producing reinforced steel for the construction industry. The video showcases the factory premises, including concrete mixers, rebar, and various vehicles used in the facility. The narrator uses a drone to capture aerial footage of the site, but is interrupted by factory employees who question the legality of flying the drone in the area.

The employees initially argue that the drone should not be flown within 150 meters of the commercial site, but the narrator explains that the rules are more relaxed for drones weighing less than 250 grams, like the one he is using. After some back and forth, the employees admit they are not fully aware of the drone regulations and take time to research the rules themselves. Eventually, they concede that the narrator is operating within the legal guidelines.

During the course of the video, the narrator has conversations with various employees, including one who reveals that it is his first day on the job. The employee shares that the company is involved in the construction industry, producing reinforced steel and concrete. He also mentions that the company is striving to replicate the construction techniques used in the Burj Khalifa, a renowned skyscraper in Dubai. However, the employee is unable to divulge further information, citing a confidentiality agreement in his contract.

In conclusion, the video provides an interesting glimpse into the operations of Thames Reinforcements, as well as the challenges and discussions that can arise from using drones to capture footage of commercial sites. The narrator’s interactions with the employees highlight the importance of being aware of drone regulations and respecting the rights of others, while also showcasing the fascinating work carried out by companies like Thames Reinforcements in the construction industry.

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