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In this video, a group of people are shown waiting for the arrival of King Charles III in Leeds. They discuss the security measures in place and express confusion about road closures. Some talk to police officers and security personnel about the event and ask for information about the motorcade’s route. As they wait, they joke around and try to spot the king’s car.

When the king’s motorcade finally arrives, the group cheers and takes pictures. They comment on the size of the motorcade and the presence of the Royal protection guys. Some of them express excitement at the opportunity to see the king in person, while others are more focused on the event’s impact on the city and its residents.

After the motorcade passes by, the group disperses and talks about their experience. Some reflect on the excitement of the event, while others express frustration with the confusion and lack of information. Despite this, they all seem to have had a positive experience and are eager to share their stories with others. Overall, the video offers a glimpse into the excitement and anticipation surrounding a royal visit, as well as the challenges and complexities involved in organizing such an event.

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