Police Get Ordered Back Inside

In this video, a man visits Coventry Central Police Station to support Pink Rose, a woman who was allegedly assaulted by police officers for filming outside a police station. He expresses his disgust at the behavior of the officers and comes to Coventry to test the police’s behavior towards him when filming in public. He asks whether it is legal to film in public without being assaulted and raises concerns about police brutality. The man also criticizes the police officers for not identifying themselves before approaching Pink Rose.

The man continues to film outside the police station and speaks to an officer who tells him that filming in public is usually allowed, but he is unsure if it is always allowed. The officer also confirms that a female was assaulted by police officers at the same police station a few days earlier. The man questions whether it is only females who get assaulted by police officers when filming in public. He states that it is not a crime to film in public and expresses his disapproval of the behavior of the officers who allegedly assaulted Pink Rose.

The man discusses sending footage of the incident to professional standards and questions whether the behavior of the police officers was acceptable. He talks to another officer who also confirms that a female was assaulted by police officers at the same police station but emphasizes that he is not privy to all the facts. The video raises concerns about police behavior towards individuals who film in public and the need for proper identification and professionalism when dealing with the public.

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