Insta360 ONE RS Boosted 4K Edition – With 64GB Card


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  • New ONE RS CORE – ONE RS builds on the foundation of its predecessor, with key user experience and performance upgrades. A new 67% faster RS Core offers better in-camera stabilisation and crisper audio. The new 21% higher capacity battery lets you shoot for longer without interruption and the re-designed Mounting Bracket makes changing lenses even easier!
  • 4K 60fps with FlowState – With the powerful ONE RS Core, all new and existing wide angle lenses can now deliver 4K 60fps slow motion footage in-camera under FlowState Stabilisation mode.
  • Crisper Audio – The RS Core now has three mics to capture the audio you do want, and a Wind Noise Reduction algorithm to remove the noise you don’t.
  • 4K Boost Lens – Zero in on the action with the 4K Boost Lens. Rugged and durable, with a brand new 1/2” image sensor for 48MP photos, 6K Widescreen video, Active HDR video and more.
  • Kit includes – One RS Core, 4K Boost Lens Mod & 64GB Memory Card
  • Digital storage capacity: 64.0 gb

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3 reviews for Insta360 ONE RS Boosted 4K Edition – With 64GB Card

  1. Matt MJD (verified owner)

    Replacing my GoPros
    After one too many problems with my GoPros, the Insta360 One RS is my goto mini camera now. I have 3.
    I like the fully manual settings which are easiest accessed via the Insta360 app, which is very good for professional broadcast use, and the stills and 4K video resolution that this camera takes, is brilliant.
    I’ve had no overheating issues with this camera, unlike the competitors, which is extremely important to the critical filming work I do with these..

  2. Russmod (verified owner)

    A cheaper- on par GoPro picture but needs improvement
    Brilliant picture and features but my god are the menus difficult to access on suck a small screen. I’ve had the unit turn itself off recording with seems to be a connection issue to my phone. The app is a bit lack luster for post production and delivery also dont think you can use the software on any old laptop as it reqs massive amounts of ram to run it and won’t install.

  3. Salaheddin (verified owner)

    Unreliable, too many issues
    I am very disappointed on my first use, it has multiple different problems
    1- Stopped showing the charging icon on the screen (so you have no clue if its charging or not) activating the LED indicator doesn’t help either.
    2- Does not turn on (freezes on turning on) have to take it out of its bracket, then take the battery off and put it back and try to turn it on again
    3- How does it OVERHEAT EVEN AT 1080P 30FPS and stops recording?!! IS 1080P@30 TOO MUCH TO EXPECT?! I lost a lot of footage. After about 30-45 minutes recording at 1080p 30FPS it apparently stopped recording, I noticed little later that the LED color is changed and when I checked it was giving me an overheating message and it had stopped recording.
    4- Stops charging, tried various cables and Samsung phone chargers ([email protected]), sometimes it charges sometimes it does not!
    5- Does not connect to the PC anymore! Even after changing the settings in the camera to something like “U-Disk” it is not getting detected by the PC anymore.
    6- After overheating it factory reset itself! So all the shortcuts I had made and camera settings were reset back to factory!
    Either I have been unlucky and got one that is faulty. Or it is not an action camera, it’s a delicate decorative camera if it can’t shoot 1080@30!

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