‘The Thin Blue Line Gang’ Tries to bully me out of North Yorkshire

In this video, News Now Yorkshire films outside Fulford Police Station, part of North Yorkshire Police, and tries to capture footage of a police car leaving with blue lights on. The video begins with the narrator discussing whether he is legally obliged to enter the police station as part of a legal obligation, questioning whether it is a lawful order or just a request. He then walks around the outside of the building, noting that there are many bikes stored outside, which he assumes are seized by the police.

The narrator is then approached by a police officer, Sergeant Shannon, who asks for his name and suggests he may be committing an offence. The narrator refuses to give his name, arguing that he is not legally obliged to do so, and asks for the law that requires him to remove his mask. Sergeant Shannon cites section 25 of pace, which gives the police power to arrest someone to ascertain their name if they believe an offence has been committed. However, the narrator maintains that he is not obliged to give his name unless he is under arrest.

The situation becomes increasingly tense, with the police officer insisting that the narrator must give his name, while the narrator argues that he has done nothing wrong and refuses to leave. Eventually, the police officers determine that the narrator is not the person they were looking for and tell him not to come onto police premises again. The video ends with the narrator expressing his frustration at being unable to capture the footage he wanted due to the police officers spoiling the shot.

Overall, the video highlights the tension that can arise when individuals film outside police stations and the differing interpretations of the law around giving personal information to the police. The video also raises questions about the use of police powers and the balancing of individual rights and public safety.

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