WY Police Running Scared (Stainbeck Revisit With Backup)

In this video, uploaded by News Now Yorkshire, the viewer is taken on a tour of Steinbeck Police Station. The YouTuber claims that he has been arrested twice before for filming in the area, and has therefore brought some backup to avoid any more run-ins with the police. He argues that the police are more likely to arrest individuals who are on their own, rather than in a group. He also claims that the police have used the Police Reform Act to unlawfully obtain his details, but he plans to take legal action against them.

As the YouTuber and his group enter the police station, they are greeted by officers who ask what is happening. The YouTuber makes a comment about the conviction of a DCI Judith Mulligan, which seems to annoy the police officers. The YouTuber and his group continue to walk around the station, and they are followed by several police vehicles. They encounter a group of officers who are apparently angry about something, and the YouTuber suggests that they are angry because of the conviction of DCI Judith Mulligan.

Towards the end of the video, the YouTuber and his group encounter a police officer who tells them that they are not allowed to film. The YouTuber argues that they are in a public place and therefore have the right to film. The video ends with the YouTuber suggesting that the police are afraid of being exposed for corruption, and thanking his group for their support.

Overall, the video seems to be an attempt to expose what the YouTuber sees as corruption within the police force. He argues that the police are more likely to abuse their power when they are dealing with individuals who are on their own, and suggests that they are afraid of being exposed when there are more people around. The video is somewhat chaotic and difficult to follow, but it provides an interesting insight into the world of police auditing and the ways in which individuals attempt to hold the police accountable.

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