You Could Be Committing An Offence

In this video, a YouTuber flies a drone over a police station in Mali and is approached by police officers. The YouTuber starts by exploring the police station and using his drone to capture footage. The drone was small enough to fly close to the buildings and vehicles without posing a risk to the public. However, police officers were concerned about the drone’s weight and purpose, questioning the YouTuber about whether he was committing an offense.

The conversation between the YouTuber and police officers becomes tense, with the officers expressing their concerns about potential harm to people and the police station. They asked the YouTuber what the weight of the drone was and whether he had a license for it. The YouTuber explained that his drone was under the weight limit and that he had an extra license, making it legal to fly in the area.

The police officers also questioned the YouTuber about his intentions and why he was filming the police station. They were worried about people who want to cause harm, and the YouTuber reassured them that he was not one of them. However, the conversation became defensive on both sides, with the YouTuber feeling nervous and defensive about the officers’ approach.

The video ends with the YouTuber leaving the area and expressing a desire for a friendlier conversation in the future. The incident highlights the importance of clear communication and understanding between drone operators and law enforcement officials. As drones become more accessible, it is important for operators to understand the regulations and laws surrounding drone use and for law enforcement officials to be knowledgeable about the technology to ensure public safety.

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