Blue Line Gang Member Hit Me With His Car!!

In this video, the YouTuber News Now Yorkshire visits Shipley Police Station, which is part of the West Yorkshire Police. He cannot go inside the building, so he takes a walk around the outside and comments on the different types of vehicles parked there. He encounters two women who claim that the police station is on private property, which he disputes. They then discuss a story about an inspector who stole drugs worth nearly a million pounds from a storeroom, which he then sold on the street. The inspector has been ordered to pay back £135,000.

The YouTuber continues his walk around the area and comes across a Bradford District Youth Offending Team building that is owned by the police but appears to be empty. He wonders why it is not being utilized to house people who do not have a home. He then encounters a couple who accuse him of breaking into empty properties, which he denies. The couple is concerned that he will share their photograph on YouTube, but he assures them that he has no intention of doing so.

The video ends with the YouTuber reporting an incident where a police officer hit him with his car as he was walking away. The YouTuber plans to report the incident and potentially have the officer’s police license taken away. He also states that he is fighting against corrupt police officers, and this incident is an example of police officers abusing their power.

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