Caught Sneaking Into The Police Station

In this video, a man is seen sneaking into a police station in Scunthorpe, UK, to take a look at the police vehicles. The man filming the video is approached by a police officer who tells him that he is not supposed to be on the premises as it is enclosed. The man apologizes for his mistake and explains that the gate was open when he arrived, so he thought it was okay to take a quick look. The police officer agrees to let him take a picture of one of the cars with the lights on after he returns from a brief errand.

As the police officer walks away, the man explains to his camera that he believes the gate was left open due to a missing spring that was being propped up by some bags. He also notes that he saw a similar police vehicle in another town where a police sergeant had tried to use terrorism legislation but failed. When the police officer returns, he allows the man to take a picture of the car with the lights on and they exchange friendly farewells.

The video ends with the man stating that there are four police stations in Scunthorpe, and he plans to visit them all. While the video may seem harmless and even amusing, it raises concerns about security at police stations and the potential for unauthorized access. It is unclear whether any action was taken by the police to address the breach of security at the station. Overall, the video serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining secure facilities to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive information.

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