Ex Police Officer Takes Orders From SGT

In this video, an ex-police officer encounters a group of individuals who question him about corruption within the police force. The ex-police officer is reluctant to answer their questions and is dismissive of their concerns. He takes issue with one of the individuals who is wearing a vest that says “police”, claiming that it is impersonating an officer. The group confronts the officer about his own vest, which has a defaced flag, and a thin pink line, which they claim is a sign of corruption and brutality.

The group continues to engage with the officer, asking him about his name and his plans for the afternoon. They also express concern about his well-being, as one of his arms is bandaged. However, the officer is defensive and uncooperative, and at times even hostile towards the group. He dismisses their concerns and accuses them of being disrespectful and obstructing his work.

The group eventually persuades the officer to turn his lanyard over, as it resembles a police badge and could be mistaken for one. The sergeant arrives on the scene and dismisses the group, ordering them to leave the premises. The video ends with the group thanking the sergeant for his help, and the officer left alone.

Overall, the video highlights the tension between law enforcement and civilians, as well as the difficulty of addressing issues of corruption and misconduct within the police force. It also shows the importance of holding officers accountable and addressing concerns about their behavior, even if it means challenging their authority.

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