Meeting PC Stig and his mate Geoffrey @999tv

In this video, News Now Yorkshire visits Weetwood Police Station to take a look around and see what’s going on. Unfortunately, the reception is closed, so they cannot enter. As they explore the area, they encounter PC Stig and his mate Geoffrey, who work for the West Yorkshire Police. After a brief conversation, they ask PC Stig for his designation card, which he eventually shows them. They also take a look at the police vehicles in the area and chat with officers about their job responsibilities.

During their conversation, News Now Yorkshire discusses police corruption and brutality cases and highlights the recent dismissal of ten West Yorkshire police officers. They also ask the officers about their anti-social behavior duties and whether they have ever tried doing wheelies on their motorcycles. The officers are friendly and engage in light-hearted banter with the visitors.

News Now Yorkshire also asks for a cup of tea, which the officers decline due to current guidelines surrounding COVID-19. The visitors continue to chat with the officers about their YouTube channel and ask if they are familiar with auditors. PC Stig and his colleagues are unaware of auditors and seem interested in learning more about them. The visitors offer to help set up a YouTube channel for any officers interested in sharing inside information about the police force.

In conclusion, the encounter between News Now Yorkshire and PC Stig and his colleague is cordial and respectful. While they discuss serious topics such as police corruption and brutality, they also engage in friendly banter and joking around. The video highlights the importance of building positive relationships between the police and the community they serve.

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