My Goodness What Are You Doing?

In this video, two individuals are seen filming and taking pictures of a police building. As they are doing so, they are approached by someone who questions their motives and asks why they are taking pictures of the building. The individuals explain that they are there to cover the election in Whitefield and to film with Tyler Hoffman. Despite their explanation, the conversation becomes tense as the person continues to question their actions.

As the video progresses, the individuals encounter a sergeant and discuss his job performance, questioning his ability to communicate with the public. They also discuss the possibility of flying a drone and the legalities of doing so near a prison.

The conversation eventually moves on to other topics such as football and a health center that is up for contract renewal. The individuals continue to film in the area, encountering more people and discussing various topics related to their work.

Overall, the video captures a tense encounter between individuals filming in a sensitive location and someone who questions their motives. It also sheds light on the individuals’ work and their encounters with other people in the area.

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