Police Officer Gets Aroused By Cameras

In this video, a man is seen filming outside Pudsey Police Station in West Yorkshire. The police officer on duty approaches the man and asks him to stay on the public footpath and not enter the private area of the police station. The man explains that he is interested in filming police vehicles and wants to get footage of them with their lights on. The officer expresses his curiosity about why someone would come to a police station to film and finds it suspicious. He says that someone filming on police premises could arouse concerns about their intentions.

The man insists that he is not causing any harm and is only interested in filming the police vehicles. He says he may post the footage on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The officer continues to question the man about his intentions and tries to establish whether he has any nefarious motives. The man reiterates that he is not doing anything wrong and is not there to gather reconnaissance on police officers or anyone else.

The officer explains that filming on police premises could arouse suspicion because it raises concerns about potential security threats. He suggests that people who want to film in such locations should inform the police first. The man says he understands the officer’s concerns and insists that he is not causing any harm. The video ends with the officer explaining that they have their own training and measures in place to deal with potential terrorism threats.

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