‘Rotherham Council Security’ Think they can just print new laws

In this video, a man and his companion encounter security guards at a council office in Rotherham, and the guards tell them they cannot film the building. The man explains that they are allowed to film in a public place, and that the building is public property paid for by taxpayers. The guards insist that they need permission from the council to film, but the man insists that this is not true. He points out that they are on a footpath, which is a public place, and the police are not intervening because they are not breaking any laws.

The man and his companion then encounter a police officer, who does not stop them from filming. The officer walks past them when they ask him about police brutality in the area. The man notes that if they were doing something wrong, the officer would have intervened, but he did not. The man then goes back to the council office and speaks with a librarian, who tells him that they need permission to film in the library. The man disagrees, saying that there is no right to privacy in a public place, and that they are allowed to film.

The librarian insists that they need permission, but the man continues to film, saying that they are allowed to do so. The librarian objects to being filmed, but the man insists that they are in a public place and have the right to do so. The man and his companion stay in the library until everyone calms down and accepts that they are allowed to be there. The video ends with the man and his companion leaving the library and heading back to the police station.

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