Rushed by 4 Police officers with @MartiBlagborough *Section 43*

In this video, two individuals are conducting an audit of the Humberside Police in Barton-upon-Humber. They are filming their audit for social media, and the video starts with them walking around the outside of the police station, commenting on the unmarked police car parked outside. They then move to the back of the building, where they encounter a woman who they think is a police community support officer (PCSO) and explain what they are doing. The woman tells them she is not a police officer and does not have a problem with their filming.

Next, they encounter a police officer who asks them what they are doing and requests identification. The individuals refuse to give their names, and the officer asks to see their video footage, which they decline to show. The conversation becomes heated, and the officer tells them they are being detained, although he does not specify the reason. One of the individuals becomes afraid of the officer and asks to leave, but the officer tells them they will be arrested if they try to leave. Eventually, a sergeant arrives and tells them they are free to go.

Throughout the video, the individuals make derogatory comments about the police, and the situation becomes tense. The police officer who initially questioned them appears to be unfamiliar with the law, and the individuals argue with him about his interpretation of police powers. The video ends with the individuals leaving the police station and making plans to audit another police station.

In conclusion, the video documents an audit of the Humberside Police in Barton-upon-Humber that becomes confrontational when police officers question the individuals and attempt to detain them. The individuals refuse to give their names and argue with the police about their rights. The situation is eventually resolved when a sergeant arrives and tells them they are free to go. The video highlights the tension that can arise between police officers and members of the public who are conducting audits of police stations.

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