‘Section 43 & Toast’ *Firemen show NYP how to interact with the public*

In this video, a man records his interaction with the police and fire department while outside a police station in North Yorkshire. The man is filming police vehicles with a GoPro when he is approached by a police officer. The officer questions the man’s intentions and tells him that he is on private property. The man disputes this and argues that police property is public property owned by the public. The officer tells the man that he is creating a security risk and warns him that he could be treated as a terrorist under the terrorism act. The man ultimately leaves and walks onto the fire station side of the property.

At the fire station, the man is approached by friendly firefighters who offer him a look at their fire engine. The man notes the difference in approach between the police and fire departments and questions why the police are so suspicious of him. The friendly firefighter offers the man a cup of tea and toast, which the man happily accepts. The man jokes about becoming a terrorist if he steps past a certain sign on the property and questions whether the police officer who spoke to him was actually a police officer.

Overall, the video highlights the difference in approach between the police and fire department in their interactions with the public. The man is suspiciously questioned by the police officer while the friendly firefighters offer him hospitality. The video also raises questions about the boundaries between public and private property and the police’s use of security concerns to justify their actions.

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