‘Stand off’ Outside North Yorkshire Police HQ

In this video, News Now Yorkshire visits the joint headquarters of North Yorkshire Police and Fire and Rescue in Northallerton. The video shows the outside of the building, with several police cars and vans parked nearby. As the presenter attempts to enter the building, they are stopped by a police officer who questions their presence on the premises and asks for identification. The presenter explains that they are conducting an audit and taking videos, and they want to look at the police cars.

The police officer asks the presenter to leave the private area and go back to the public area of the police station. The presenter challenges the legality of the officer’s order, stating that there are no signs indicating that it is a private area. The police officer warns the presenter that they are trespassing and that they don’t want to go down the lines of any terrorism offenses. The presenter continues to film and attempts to take a closer look at the vans parked in the back.

The police officer repeatedly asks the presenter to leave and tells them that they have no right to be there. Another police officer arrives, and the presenter continues to argue with them, insisting that they have a reason to be there and that there are no signs indicating that it is a private area. Eventually, the police officer forcibly escorts the presenter off the premises.

The video ends with the presenter expressing frustration that they had to stand around for over two hours before being allowed to view the vans. The incident highlights the tension between individuals conducting audits and the police officers tasked with protecting private property. The video also shows the importance of clearly marked signs indicating the boundaries of private property.

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