Traffic cops in Bradford plus Pudsey re-visit

In this video, a man with a camera is seen following traffic cops in Bradford and Pudsey. The man films the officers as they pull over a car, claiming that he wants to see “the good and the bad” of police work. The man believes that people are interested in what the police do and that TV programs like “road wars” and “traffic cops” aim to show the reality of police work. He sees his role as giving the community an inside view of daily police life, whether it is good or bad.

The man continues to follow the officers as they move on to Pudsey police station. He tries to enter the station but is informed that it is a private area. He then proceeds to film the parking area for police vehicles and gets into an argument with a police community support officer (PCSO) who tells him to leave. The man accuses the PCSO of having a bad attitude and calls him a “muppet.”

Later on, the man encounters a woman who he calls “Karen” and accuses her of being rude to him. He films her and tries to report her to the police. The video ends with the man encouraging viewers to report any bad behavior they witness from police officers and to hold them accountable.

Overall, the video seems to be a commentary on police behavior and accountability. The man with the camera appears to be critical of police officers and their actions, but also wants to show both the good and bad aspects of police work. He encourages viewers to report any bad behavior they witness and hold officers accountable for their actions.

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