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In this video, a group of young people are interviewed about their experience with climate change and how it is affecting their lives. They express concern about the future of the planet and the impact that global warming is having on the environment. They talk about the need for urgent action to be taken to address the issue, including reducing carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy sources.

In the second part of the video, the focus shifts to the political response to climate change. The young people express frustration with politicians who deny the existence of climate change or fail to take meaningful action to address it. They argue that political will is essential to tackling the issue and that more needs to be done to hold governments accountable for their actions.

The third part of the video explores potential solutions to climate change. The young people suggest a range of actions, including reducing plastic waste, promoting sustainable transport, and increasing investment in renewable energy. They also emphasize the importance of individual action and the need for everyone to take responsibility for their own carbon footprint.

In the final part of the video, the young people reflect on the importance of working together to address climate change. They emphasize the need for global cooperation and the importance of raising awareness about the issue. They also express hope for the future, arguing that it is possible to create a more sustainable world if everyone works together towards a common goal.

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