Confused Police at Carr Gate training centre (Police Audit)

The video shows a person filming police cars coming in and out of the Carr Gate training center in West Yorkshire. A plainclothes woman approaches them and asks why they are filming. The person replies that it is a public footpath and they are allowed to film. The woman advises them to be careful because of fast-moving traffic and emergency vehicles. The person refuses to give their details when asked.

Later in the video, a police officer approaches the person and asks why they are filming. The person replies that they are on a public footpath and are allowed to film. The officer reminds them that interactions with members of the public are recorded on body-worn video for safety reasons. The person insists that they are aware of this and will not provide their details.

Throughout the video, the person expresses frustration at what they perceive as confusion and aggression from police officers about their right to film in a public space. They also express concern about the behavior of some officers and their failure to follow legal requirements. The person argues that they are trying to hold officers accountable and ensure that they are doing their job properly.

Overall, the video highlights the tension between police officers and members of the public who exercise their right to film in public spaces. It also emphasizes the importance of holding police officers accountable and ensuring that they follow legal requirements. The person in the video argues that filming police officers is a way to promote transparency and accountability in law enforcement.

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