Off Duty Cop Tries To Hit Me With His Car

In this video, a man who identifies himself as “News Now Yorkshire” is filming outside the West Yorkshire Police Headquarters. He is approached by a police officer who wants to make sure he isn’t trying to get into the police station. The man explains that he is simply taking pictures of the building and doing a voice-over for his channel. As they continue to talk, the man points out another police officer who had just tried to hit him with his car. The police officer explains that the officer in question was off duty and may have been concerned about the man’s presence near the secure building. The man requests the incident number for future reference but states that he doesn’t wish to make a complaint.

The police officer also advises the man to be careful about his physical safety and to make sure he’s not obstructing the height of the gate. The man assures the officer that he’s been taking care of himself for a long time and appreciates the concern. They exchange contact information, and the police officer promises to have someone call him back with the incident number. The man declares that they work for him and that he owns them.

The video highlights an encounter between a member of the public and a police officer. The man filming asserts his right to take pictures and videos in a public space, while the police officer expresses his concern for the safety of the public and the security of the building. The exchange is generally cordial, and both parties appear to be respectful of each other’s positions. The incident involving the off-duty police officer who allegedly tried to hit the man with his car raises questions about the use of police vehicles and the appropriate level of force in such situations. Ultimately, the video suggests that communication and mutual respect can go a long way in resolving conflicts between the public and law enforcement.

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