Police Officer Pushed Me!! *SGT refused to take complaint*

In this video, a man is walking around Bradford and filming outside the police station. He approaches some officers and asks them questions about their work. The officers ask him to move as he is standing in the private parking area, but he argues that he is a visitor to the police station and has a right to be there. The situation becomes confrontational, with the man insisting that the officers give him their names and the officers telling him to leave.

The man attempts to make a complaint about the officer who pushed him, but the sergeant refuses to take his complaint. The man becomes frustrated and argues with the sergeant, accusing him of being aggressive and unprofessional. The sergeant suggests that he make his complaint online or at the reception, but the man refuses and insists on speaking to someone who will take his complaint in person.

The situation continues to escalate, with the man becoming increasingly confrontational and the officers becoming increasingly frustrated with him. The man asks for the officer’s names again, and the officers eventually give them to him. He then asks for them to flash their lights for a photo, which they do. The video ends with the man saying that he was pushed by an officer for being a foot over the visitors’ parking section, but he believes he had a right to be there.

Overall, the video shows a tense and confrontational interaction between a member of the public and the police. The man seems determined to make a complaint and get the officer’s names, while the officers are trying to get him to leave and suggest other ways for him to make his complaint. The situation highlights the challenges that both the public and the police face in dealing with complaints and grievances.

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