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In this video, a group of individuals is shown flying a drone and filming on the campus of Bradford University. They encounter a security guard who approaches them and politely asks them to stop filming, explaining that it is a request. The group engages in a friendly conversation with the guard, assuring him that they are filming from a public right of way and are not causing any problems. They clarify that they are making a documentary about the university and are just trying to get some sweeping shots of the campus.

The security guard expresses his concern about the filming and tries to understand what the group is doing. He explains that some of the buildings on the campus are not public and requests that the group stop filming. The group is cooperative and respectful in their response, acknowledging the guard’s concerns and clarifying their own intentions. They assure him that they are not trying to cause any problems and are simply trying to get some footage for their documentary.

Despite the guard’s request, the group continues to film and fly their drone from the public right of way. They make sure to stay on their side of the line and not encroach on the university’s property. Throughout the video, the group maintains a friendly and respectful attitude towards the security guard, and they have a cordial conversation about their differing perspectives. In the end, they finish filming and leave the area without incident.

Overall, this video highlights the importance of communication and mutual understanding in situations where there may be conflicting interests. It shows how a respectful and cooperative attitude can help to defuse tense situations and find common ground. While the group continues to film despite the guard’s request, they do so in a way that respects the university’s property and right to privacy. The video serves as a reminder of the need for balance between individual rights and the public interest, and the importance of respecting boundaries and regulations.

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